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Team Full Ring AA (Is this ok)

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  • Team Full Ring AA (Is this ok)

    I felt that if I 4-bet here I might aswell just turn over my cards, I think TT folds if I 4-bet, so I decided to play them tricky, did not think I would get multiway pot though. Thanks.

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    Hi Rex,

    I prefer 4-betting here. The initial raise and 3b are not that large, 2.5x and 7.5x, would like to make it about 17x here. Sure it looks strong, but so does flatting unless they have no reads yet or you're playing a loose-aggressive style (in which case if you are playing LAG you should absolutely 4b as you'll get less credit). Both these players rate to have a hand, the opener is UTG+1 and the 3-bettor in middle position, and I don't think someone who 3b at 2nl with a big hand is getting away preflop, so grow the pot and give him a chance to get stacks in pre. If he's got AK and misses the flop, you won't get stack action. If he's got QQ and an A or K flop, you won't get stack action, etc... yet these hands may well give stack action preflop, and AA coolers everything so by 4-betting you set up a bigger pot to get stacks in postflop on boards that don't scare them, make your post flop decisions easy, and give them a chance to stack off bad preflop as well.

    If you felt sure they would all fold then flatting is the best way to maximize value here, but I think that's not likely to be happening very often despite the strength your 4b shows. They won't necessarily read you for just AA, and maybe not read you at all. And if they had reads and thought you were so tight that you can only have AA here, then your flat would look super strong anyway and it's hard to get good post flop action unless they outflop a big pair.

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      Thanks Dave.



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