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  • No need to wait until November 6th !

    Another hand for review.

    Early position this time, had AQo, I decide to raise and raise to my now standard 3x bb. Called by guy in latish position who has fairly passive stats. Everyone else folded.

    Flop is 6AA rainbow, so I have trip Aces with a decent kicker, I bet .08c into .15c pot which was called. Turn is an 8. I bet .18c into .31c pot. At this stage the villain (I called him much worse than that at the time) re-raises .50c so I am 'guessing' that he has hit two pair. I shove on him thinking I am ahead.

    The result is on the handplayer.

    How did I play this?

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    The villain here is getting implied odds (about 25:1) to call here as the money is so deep and a big ace is very likely to pay off if he hits. Had you made a pot bet of $. 15 the implied odds drop to about 13:1 and peeling one to hit a set is not as inviting. Calling less than 5% of your stack to speculate is quite common.
    My normal c-bet is about 3/4 pot (12 cents here) which I also make with most made hands here but that's only 6% so I probably get called too. If this player is loose and very, very passive I am likely to just call here as A-rag and pairs are a good part of her range. Then I check call the river as well.

    This hand is so read dependant I won't fault your play just showing you some options and things to consider.

    Good Decisions!
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      Hi bhoy,

      This is so much a read dependent spot. Given that the guy is passive, he is certain to have a big hand here. He calls a dry flop, his range at this point is pocket pairs, Ax, and maybe 6x. When he raises the turn though he is only doing this with a monster. So the real question is will he consider AJ, AT type hands strong enough to raise? In most cases probably not, as passive players will be too worried you have AK or AQ.

      If we knew this guy would overplay weak aces like they were the nuts, then getting it in here is ok. If not, then I would not like getting it in here as he will be showing us 66, 88, A6, or A8 way too often.
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        I posted this in a bit of a 'tizz' yesterday morning leaving out a few useful facts.

        It was a zoom table so I didnt have a great read on the villain as every other hand I had played with him I had folded pre-flop as I had nothing. According to HEM though he was loose passive.

        I guess I was never going to get away from Trip Aces regardless but I hate my spew shove. I could have played it differently and felt a little better about losing my money or maybe have got away from it.

        I'm a relatively new player so I can use this as a bit of a lesson.



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