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Did I do anything wrong here?

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  • Did I do anything wrong here?

    Much like the last hand I posted, I had AA, but this time in middle position.

    UTG raised 3x bb, I re-raised 3x his raise and it folded round to the big blind who called my re-raise, UTG also called and the flop came down 278 rainbow. I wasn't scared by the flop too much so bet .31c into the .56c pot. The big blind was short stacked and shoved over the top so I called his shove for .26c.

    The hand replayer will show how it played out after that.

    I cant see how I could have played the hand much differently but I had a really horrible session today and my head is a bit frazzled.

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    Poker happens!

    Learn to focus on your decisions not short term results. I know its hard to do and I still get peeved at times.

    Versus a 3-bet I don't like the BB's play as he does not have the odds to set mine. If the table was playing quite wildly I might shove hoping to isolate against two Broadway cards. But 99% of the time this is a muck for me.

    Good Decisions!
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      Hi Boy

      Given our opponent's stack size in this hand there is absolutely nothing you could have done differently. In the long term if he cold calls 88 out of the BB with this action in front of him he is going to be losing money to your expense account. This wasn't one of those times!

      But not every time can be one of those times, so just remember that most will. He made a mistake; you didn't. Sometimes you will be rewarded for your mistakes when you shouldn't and sometimes you won't. That's the way poker is and part of the reason it is exciting.

      Nothing really to add regarding your actions, I would have played it the same way.



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