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help me please

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  • help me please

    i play fullring no-limit cash games, i can crush these games huge really really big for 500 or 2000 hands. then i a few hands i can play so bad and drop half my bankroll, can any1 help me

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    I wish I could offer some advice but feeling sorry for myself after doing the same thing this morning.

    I guess my good run had to come to an aend sometime.


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      not a bad run, just playing stupid. maybe i am not cut out for poker


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        Playing poker takes mental discipline. Your most frequent action is a very boring fold. So how do you make it interesting? For me it boils down to poker being a game of incomplete information. You only see your hole cards and the board and your opponent's holdings are unknown. So the challenge is to try to fill in the blanks to determine your opponents range and how they will respond to your actions.

        This is where the mental discipline comes in. It is way too easy to surf the net, read and send e-mail, play other games and etc while you have a table open. But instead invest some time observing the game when you're not involved. Watch what and how the rest of the table plays and think of ways to exploit them.

        That my friend is the essence of the game of poker. Enjoy!!!

        Good decisions.


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          i think your right joe . maybe i am a retard or something


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            Don't be so hard on yourself. Poker is a mentally exhausting game when played in extended sessions. It takes some getting used to. The important thing is to be aware of this leak and take steps to fix it. Take breaks during a session. Its amazing what a 5 to 10 minute break can do for ones outlook. I frequently take a break after a bad decision on my part, and some good decisions gone bad. It gives one the chance to get back on their game instead of getting caught in a downward spiral.

            Another thing to do is to set intervals, say every couple of hours, to review your actions and see if your still playing your A game. If not take a break or close out the session. Playing when you are not making good decisions is a sure way to drain a bankroll.

            Good decisions!


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              yes u are right joe i know the problem i have , its time to fix it . i have been trying , maybe a coach is the way for me to go


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                A popular saying is "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." It seems to me that you are ready to break the cycle.

                Good luck and good decisions.


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                  thanks joe, it was good chatting with u . gl with your game


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                    turned my game around . i moved down to 0.01-0.02 zoom when i first started it was hard going but over my last 3,524 hands $/100:$0.80 BB/100:19.91umbup:


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                      Originally posted by kingkong263 View Post
                      i play fullring no-limit cash games, i can crush these games huge really really big for 500 or 2000 hands. then i a few hands i can play so bad and drop half my bankroll, can any1 help me
                      analyse your play, are you getting overconfident? can you still focus enough? are you still making good descisions? when you know the answer you can work on that. i would also advice to take a break on a set time or number of hands. when you take your brake, do something different. take a walk, exercise etc just take your mind of poker for a while. if you feel your not playing your best, take a break even if you are behind. NEVER try to get even in the session. the most important thing is to play your best, make good descisions, maintain your focus. if you can't, quit the session gl at the tablesumbup:



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