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2NL 6max zoom: TPTK river play on wet board?

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: TPTK river play on wet board?

    Im reasonably happy with most of my hand, it's just the river play I'm uncertain of: I think chances are that he has hit one of the draws, so I don't want to bet fold in this spot, because I actually think this makes up most of his range, and the hands I do beat will just fold to my bet. So I decide to check-call to any bluffs he might make at the pot, which would be the only way I'm getting any value from hands that I'm beating currently. Is this the correct play in this spot?

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    Hey Craig

    This question is relatively straightforward: check-calling the river is not the correct play. The correct play here is definitely check-folding.

    I like your turn lead, a lot. I think it is a great play. But once we end up getting this river card I would expect him to check behind all the hands we beat.

    You say yourself that most of the draws (if not all), complete. So then what hands exactly are we bluff catching against? Our opponent has to have some kind of hand that is a candidate with which to bluff. He called the turn, so it is unlikely at that point he didn't have either a) a draw or b) a made hand.

    If we think he would check back all worse made hands, check back some better made hands and bet some better, and then all draws complete.... there is nothing that makes sense for him to bluff with. So check-fold has to be the play, if we check, which I think we should.

    Hope that makes sense, Gareth


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      I did end up calling, and I think it was almost a river semi bluff :s

      He showed up with JT, the J was a heart so had middle pair and picked up a flush draw on the turn. Although I would have been happier not putting any more money in I really wanted to get to showdown with this hand, and with silly plays like this it could be profitable against some players. So he went down in my notes and if I run into him again I might make the same call, but usually without reads I think I'll just fold.



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