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2NL 6max zoom: AA on draw heavy board

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: AA on draw heavy board

    Last 3-4 times I had AA I had no action so not sure if I played this hand correctly: I'm not sure about the turn call, because the straight draw hit, and then on the river the flush draw hit, but it was a small bet on the river so i called. Should I call down here? Should I have raised more on the flop, or raised on another street?

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    Hey Craig

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but knowing something...anything... about your opponent here would help to some degree.

    However I can say that you definitely could have raised larger on the flop and have been better served by it. Basically we have a value hand and want to charge our opponent the maximum he will pay. I would imagine 0.22 is definitely going to be better, and maybe larger to be honest. 0.29 Actually strikes me in this moment as a nice size.

    On the turn a few hands passed us. T9, 78, 68, J8, 45, otherwise we still have the best hand.

    I would actually move all-in on the turn as played.

    1) Only T9 and 45 turned us dead. They are going to be a small amount of his range.

    2) We have equity against other hands that turned us like 78 and J8... 8 out to be more exact.

    3) We can get called by a ton of worse. 89, T8, T7, 79, JT, J9, KJ, QJ, AJ, KQfd, AXfd, 65, the list is long.

    4) We play the river very badly if we call... he can check/fold his misses and we don't get money out of them. He can shove and we can incorrectly call or incorrectly fold. We don't really know what cards make his hands and which don't. Imperfect solution: shove the turn for value.

    Hope this makes some sense




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