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2NL FR AJs at SB

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  • 2NL FR AJs at SB

    I don't have much read on the villain. On the flop, I'm not sure whether the call is correct. The bet is quite big but I think it can be a C-bet and I have nut flush draw. On turn, I check because I haven't showed strength and the villain is quite aggressive with this hand. On river, I put a big value bet hoping he has something.

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    I think the flop call is fine here, you have the nut flush here, you could also hit the nut straight, and then you have an overcard that could be good, so I think you have lots of equity to continue in the pot for at least one street and re-evaluate.

    The turn this depends, do you have reads on the opponent?

    Does he c-bet often and give up on the turn, if he does that we could go for a small bet on the turn and river to get 2 streets of value from him instead of one. Going for maybe 20 cents on the turn, then 35 cents on the river, both well below half pot and if he has a medium strength hand or even a strong hand he will call down or maybe put in a bit raise to get us off our hand.

    Its all dependent on reads, if hes super aggressive then a check is good, if not a donk on the turn might be better.


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      With the nut flush draw (9 outs), the gutshot nut straight draw (4 outs) and an overcard (3 outs) you have a whopping 16 outs so on the flop you have more than 50% equity and a call is certainly ok, even if tbey overbet the pot on the flop. A donk led on the flop or a check raise is also viable. Anything except a fold is acceptable.


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        Hi Bicheng,

        My preference is not to call the flop, I like check-raising all in here. We can leverage some real fold equity vs. hands as strong as AQ or JJ, and while I expect the villain to stack off AK+ and maybe worse, as was pointed out we have fantastic hand equity with our big draw. Decent fold equity + good hand equity = premium semi-bluffing opportunity. The guy only starts with a half stack so check-raising less than his remaining chips doesn't really do much special for us, just put him in.

        As played, I don't care for the turn check, this is not a spot we want to slow play. If the guy has a hand there are a lot of potentially scary (to him) river cards that will prevent us from getting paid off. And we want to set up stacks on the river as well, so we need some money going in on the turn. We could bet like .20c into .50c here, if he thinks we may have picked up a flush draw he may jam over this immediately, if he's not sure he will just call, but then there's .90c in the middle and he's only got .58c left to bet, so getting the rest of his stack on a blank river card isn't difficult to do.

        Hope this helps,
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          Thanks all, it's very helpful.



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