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    Was I wrong to believe I had the best hand? Looking for all comments, betting errors, hand read errors, anything that helps. It felt like i suffered a bad beat at the table but I'd like to know if it was something else. I put him at best on a lower flush draw.

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    i guess im not referring to a bad beat, he had the better hand. Just wondering if I made errors or if this was a good spot to get the chips in.


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        Heyy dreagonith, nice to see you posting

        The only thing I could say about the hand is that I think K6s is a bit too loose to open, but isolating a limper, if you play a loose style it could work for you, just not a hand I would play (I'm a 6-max nit).

        He could have quite a few worse flushes than you that he would go all in with I think, there's only one card that is ahead of you and your just unlucky that you ran into this time, I would be all in with this hand as well.


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          ty, i find myself wanting to not play hands when i take beats like this, i guess i figure there is no way i was getting the right equity. reassuring to see someone say the opposite.


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            If things like this happen often and it's getting to you I would suggest just tightening up a little with your play.


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              thats pretty much the loosest hand i play, just didnt figure two players making it to the river with conflicting flushes and having the one card that beats me.


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                Hi dreagon, Nice to see you posting. umbup: My biggest thing here is the open, I agree it's a pretty loose isolation. Now that doesn't make it bad necessarily, but with no reads or table info provided it's tough to assess. If the players behind you are tight then I like isolating if we're going to play the hand. If isolation isn't a realistic goal based on the players behind us, then I wouldn't go for it. You might consider raising the turn, instead of just calling when he leads. I think raising the turn is better because the villain may be eager to 3b all in with smaller flushes and one card to come, to "protect" against the single ace. And if a 4th heart hits the river, it kills your action from smaller flushes who would certainly stack off the turn but not the river on a 4-heart board. As played I like the raise on the river. I would not be happy about his 3b as he should be concerned that we have the nut flush and yet he's not. He may well still take this action with smaller flushes, but the nut is not impossible either. Regardless, he's only got .38c left so at this point it's fine to put him the rest of the way in. If you guys were sitting with significantly more money behind, I may not be eager to reopen the betting with a 4-bet unless the opponent were very spewy. Dave
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                  thanks so much Dave, going through the hand again at the moment. Going to see if I can re-program myself to think about these things. .



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