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2NL 6max zoom: flush draw 2 overs

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: flush draw 2 overs

    I wasn't sure what the correct play in this spot was: I have a flush draw and 2 overs, so at the least I have 9 outs for my flush, and my K and Q could be outs so that makes 15. And then I could pick up runner-runner for a straight (T9 or AT). I feel I have huge equity in this pot, what is the correct play here?

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    Hi Craig

    Tough spot. I think honestly I would probably go with it. This looks a lot like AA to me, but could also be a JT hand, or even a worse draw than us like QT. I have seen players play T9/QT this way on occasion. He can also have the nut flush draw or a worse flush draw. We have some equity v the nut flush draw.

    The worst case actually is that he does this with AK or AQ or both. We aren't doing too well against that portion of his range if those hands are in it.

    But one thing that makes me want to go with it, besides the fact that we dominate a fair number of draws, is the presence of the third player in the pot. Often with a top pair hand he will come along and we'll have the same or similar outs with an even bigger pot.

    Definitely not an exact science. I will always go with AKdd/AQdd in this spot but KQdd is a little trickier.

    Probably not a huge money maker either way and folding can't be that large a mistake if it isn't correct.


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      I ended up shoving, i wanted the money in then, didn't want to wait for another card that didn't help, i wanted the money in when I had the most equity. So the other player folded, the raiser called. I actually hit a Q, and the raiser showed up with 66, if people are going with these hands it seems like it is profitable to play this.



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