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2NL 6max zoom: I 3bet big and shoved flop against shortie

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: I 3bet big and shoved flop against shortie

    I can't help feeling I played this hand wrong preflop, should I have flatted or raised less? I figured the late position was just isolating and wasn't super strong, and i thought the shortie was weak and I'd be happy to get it in preflop if they wanted to come along.
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    Hey Craig Preflop I like your play, you are picking up on weakness and attacking it with a good hand, keeping aggressive. If the limper was deeper stacked their might be more value in flat calling and leading out on favourable flops for value. As the action has happened I like checking this flop best in order to call an all-in. A lot of players in the limpers position, once he gets to this flop with so little money behind, will move all-in once you show weakness on the flop by checking. By checking you get him to go with all sorts of hands, not just aces, but paired and unpaired hands as well. When we move all-in ourselves we shut out his ability to put money in the pot with KQ type hands and he could even fold small pocket pairs. I wouldn't expect him to, but he could. In order to get him to ever be all-in on this flop w T9s, we must check. In spots like these if you are resigned to getting all-in on the flop regardless then you have to think what action will lead to your opponent committing with the widest range. In this spot the answer is check. umbup:


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      Thanks for the advice, seem to learn so much from the hand analysis forum.

      He did show up with AA and I lost, but he could have had worse, and your right he would be more likely to get it in with my check.

      If i checked and he checked behind however, would you shove the turn? (I'm thinking the answer is yes, but just making sure)



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