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All-in Preflop

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  • All-in Preflop

    I guess there isn't a lot to review here but I just wanted reassurance, if that is what I get, that I did the right thing here

    Woke up with AA under the gun, raised it, was re-raised with two callers before I acted, and I went all-in. I was clearly ahead at the time I went all-in.

    It might have ended up with an all-in on the flop as things played out but was I maybe a bit too spewy with the shove pre-flop?

    I wont say how it ended, as it can be seen on the viewer, and apologies if this is so straigthforward its barely worth posting.

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    AA allin

    In a cash game any time you have AA and you can get any number of opponents all preflop in you are +EV.

    Good luck
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      Hi bhoy,

      Actually with the level of action when it comes back to you (being 3b and 2 players calling the 3b cold) I think it would be a huge mistake not to raise again. And since that raise is committing anyway and into 3 players who have already shown a nice level of interest in this pot, all in it is. You rate to get action at the very least from the short stacked 3-bettor, and the other 2 players now are getting that proverbial "good looking price" that will draw them into fishy stack offs. Case in point, look what the had. The QQ call honestly is questionable imo... after a raise, 3b, 2 cold calls, then a 4b shove from the original raiser (you should have a monster here) and 2 all in calls in front, meh. Can't fault him for going with it but certainly not a feel good spot. A2s is just a massive, massive spew at every step of the way.

      You played it perfectly given the circumstances. And nice to see it held up

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        Thanks for confirming what I had thought.

        I totally agree with the A2 guy calling being very very spewy. I can be slightly more understanding abou TT and QQ calling but even still they should have thought I had a monster hand but I guess that playing at the lowest buy-in there are going to be some people who just cant get away from these decent starting hands.

        I'm delighted it held up - my big starting hands have done so by and large in my short time playing zoom.



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