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2nl zoom - 22 in the SB.

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  • 2nl zoom - 22 in the SB.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop I am getting just over 4-1 immediate and there is plenty left behind to make this set mine profitable imo. The BB calls as well and we take a flop 5 way! I skillfully flop a set and decided to lead for a pretty decent size bet; I felt that the flop didn't really hit the OR range too much and an hand he would c-bet the flop with would probably raise me anyway. Considering it was 5 way I didn't want it to check round so I thought it was better to lead than to c/r which might perhaps chase action off. The OR then min-raised me at this point I put him on a range that had a lot of overpairs in it, I also thought sets were possible but his range was heavily weighted towards overpairs. I felt that I had two options... 1) I could either raise immediately trying to get stacks in on the flop. 2) I could smooth call and check raise the turn as I was pretty sure he would fire nearly all his flop raising range on the turn. I elected to go for option 2; I felt that this way I could get him to get all in with more hands such as TT and JJ that he may be able to get away from if I raise him on the flop. [Not saying he would lay TT and JJ down on the flop but against an unknown I would rather give him credit for doing so than folding them out and losing value.] Unfortunately he didn't oblige and checked the turn behind which I found very odd. At this point I was very confident of my hand as he would surely bet all sets on the turn as well so that left overpairs and maybe the odd AK that he thought was worth raising on the flop. The turn came an A and I figured I could get value from lots of hands; the only hand I thought was in his range that was ahead of me was AA but I was pretty sure he would fire the turn with AA. I decided to bet just under half pot I felt he would call with lots of worse hands. He then confused me even more and raised all in. This line really got me muddled, tbh I'm still confused now. I wasn't sure if I was ahead or not; and I really felt that with such a confusing line I was likely running into bigger sets nearly all the time. He might min-raise the flop with AK if he's super aggro but then wouldn't he fire the turn? I was getting around 3-1 so I only have to have around 25% equity against his range but does he do this with worse? Against a range of AA/99/88/44 and AKs then I have 20% equity but if you throw in AKo then I have 50% equity. Really unsure about everything in this hand, my flop/turn line; my river bet; and whether I should call the river or not. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver

    I think your assumptions about him re-raising all-in with any AK, whether suited or offsuit, are quite off. I would expect almost any player to be just flat calling with this type of hand on the river.

    So the candidates for him to be re-raising with a hand that is worse is actually A9s or A8s, of which there aren't that many combinations.

    I do worry though about folding the best hand at 2nl. I am quite unfamiliar with the level of play at these stakes and for all I know a player could indeed be moving all-in with a hand as weak as AJ. I wouldn't really expect someone to raise the minimum on the flop with that type of hand however.

    What I would do differently though, is re-raise on the flop to something like 0.72. This is enough to make sure all the money gets in but is still not as intimidating to an opponent as a shove. I think we achieved what we wanted with our flop lead, which I think was a great decision by you and you picked a nice size for it as well. Once the initial raiser raises us, I would get ready to put the monies in.

    While it is a dry board, which means we should not be super concerned about the chances of being drawn out on, we are out of position, which can make the hand difficult to play without the initiative. For that reason I would expect three-betting the flop to be our best option.

    As played, I guess you should pay off his AA


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      Thanks for the help Gareth, much appreciated. umbup:
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