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2NL FR limped multiway pot in BB (lame)

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  • 2NL FR limped multiway pot in BB (lame)

    hi, just curious here, kinda lame position to be in i think 3rd nut flush multiway pot checked from BB, should i just give up here and fold to the small 1bb bets, i thought better at time to bluff try n get them to fold with outs to 3rd nut flush as only 2 steyd in the pot, maybe i shopuld donk the flop?, played tho is it better to use agression and bet turn aswell?...villain who played the pot was only on one table and apeared to be weak player.

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    I don't think there is too much wrong with your play here. Personally I wouldn't check-raise the flop, I would just call as there giving me the right odds (also you have the 2nd nut flush draw as the K is on the board), but the check-raise is a good move to mx up your play. You have a good chance of taking down the pot there, plus if you do hit your flush they won't believe you and you'll likely to get paid off.

    I think I would also check the turn and hope they would check back or give me the right odds to call. Betting would fold a few hands that had you beat (2nd, 3rd and bottom pairs) but I don't think any K's are folding here and I would expect a lot of their range to include a K.

    The river bet is fine, I would have gone a little less for half the pot so the K's would call but you’re always betting here for value. When you get min-raised I don't think you can 3bet here, your only getting called by the nut flush. So this is an easy call of $0.26 into a pot of $1.43 (18%) and just hope they don't turn over the A high flush.


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      you just made think about somthing iv not been doing, when i value bet im just doing it based on the fact i have the strongest (usually) hand, im not sizing the bet based on what hands they mite call with, so thanks i come here to find leaks and i just found one


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        Hi Taxed,

        I might lead here on the flop, check is ok as well but I actually kind of like the check-raise once the action comes back to you with a weak lead (a min bet of .02c into .13c) and a call. Weak bets usually mean weak hands, which makes this a nice spot to semi-bluff with some real fold equity, plus building a bigger pot when you get called and do hit your hand.

        I would actually bet the turn though if I took this line. The weak bet + call of your check-raise is usually one of 2 things... a weak 1 pair hand (like top pair no kicker at best, with a lot of 2nd and 3rd pairs that are just peeling once hoping to hit) or a draw. The turn card is not likely to help the villain, and in fact is an overcard to 2nd and 3rd pair, so I think we can get a lot of his weak 1 pair hands to fold out now if we fire the turn barrel. You took the aggressive flop action to semibluff, follow through on turn cards that are not bad for the range you're repping (vs a strong made hand on the flop the offsuit ten is a safe card) and also ARE bad for the villains range.

        On the river as played, I think the villain is likely to have a strong hand here if he's going to put any money in the pot. Either he's still got the weak 1 pair hand and is calling no bets, or he's made 2 pair or a flush or straight (he played his hand like a draw too) and will call a large bet, so I would make a large bet.
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          thanks dave,
          ...starting to get the hang of it now, i think, i learnt from playing lots of hands that calling and chasing draws was wasting money imo, thats why im trying to take the check raise line OOP, coz i like using fold equity, i just get a bit mixed up on the turn somtimes wether to bet or not, i think if u dont bet turn its obvious to work out that ur on some sort of draw and villain will no where they stand on river



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