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2nl full ring

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  • 2nl full ring

    check this out!

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    Hi ads, Personally I'd make the 3-bet preflop slightly larger; 4.5-5 times the initial raise is my standard when OOP with a raise, a call infront of me(even bigger if you have a read that they will call). Also I would bet a little bigger on the flop, you are in a multiway pot OOP and have a really strong hand. With 2 opponents in the hand that called a 3-bet pre they reckon to have something that can call a decent sized bet, 60-70% pot is good here imo. Once he shoves I'm always calling you have the best hand possible on the flop, after that you're just unlucky. Nothing you can do, you got it in with amazing equity and he sucked out. Best of luck Oliver umbup:
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      Pre-flop is pretty standard, like Oliver said you may have been able to raise a bit more, but I like your raise. The flop gives you the nuts and being the pre-flop raiser I think a standard cbet will be called by a lot of worse hands so that’s an easy bet, but I agree with Oliver here about it being bigger. With two other villains in the pot and a flush draw on the board I’m raise at least 3/4 pot, maybe even a full pot bet if they are likely to call. When you get re-raised all-in your jumping up and down hitting the call button as quickly as you can. The turn and river are not the cards you wanted to see, but you was by far the favourite when the money went in so don't doubt the call. It would have been a huge leak to fold to his all-in. This is just one of the many bad beats you will get, and to be honest you want to be playing villains that play like this. There the people who pay off are big hands umbup: Better luck next time


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        Hi ads,

        There's no question posted but as for the hand in general, I pretty much agree with the other responders. 3b a bit larger would be ok on this depth of money out of position, and definitely like c-betting closer to 2/3rds the pot on a wet board with 2 big cards on it, this is a nice action flop.

        Obviously once someone jams the flop, the only real question is how many fist pumps to make before calling with top set. I think 3 is a fine number.
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