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2NL FR, A2s flush draw on turn

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  • 2NL FR, A2s flush draw on turn

    hi, just found this in my boomplayer
    i remember thinking perfect flop for blufing a c-bet, but i get called so obv he got a K, anyway a 4th flush card for my draw hits turn, so i barrel again, just to make sure and maybe fold out weaker K's than AK, im i just spewing away money here? should i of just checked flop?
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    Hi Taxed,

    You haven't provided any villain reads, so why do you think he'll fold a king on the turn?

    I don't mind the raise preflop nor the flop c-bet to protect your equity in the pot and prevent yourself from getting bluffed or put in awkward spots later in the hand, plus maybe fold out some small pocket pairs that missed. But the flop is totally dry so when he calls he's pretty likely to have a king as you noted. I do not expect some random unknown to check-fold a king here though, so without reads I prefer to check back the turn here and use my positional advantage to draw for free. If we catch an A, 3, or spade, we can go for value on the river, and if we miss, I'd just give up and hope he was peeling the flop with AQ or something (sometimes this happens)... since I don't expect him to be folding a king to a bet. IF the guy would fold a king then semi-bluffing the turn has some merit, but if not then we're just charging ourselves to draw. I think only a nitty or very conservative player would fold a K on the turn, but they won't call a preflop raise with a weak K either, they will almost always have AK or KQ here and they're not folding AK. A looser or weaker player might have weaker kings but are also less likely to release them.
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      i agree

      i think playing 12-15 tables mite too much for me, and i should play less for a bit and concentrate more on the cards and my play a bit more, like its only when i look back at these hands when im posting them that i seem to notise where im going wrong



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