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2nl Zoom - AJs in the SB.

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  • 2nl Zoom - AJs in the SB.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I feel my hand is strong enough to warrant a call, I could 3-bet but I think that I'm turning my hand into a bluff if I do so as I would have to fold to a 4bet. I think that my hand is strong enough to play postflop with so elect to just call. Would 3-betting have been better here, or is the call okay? I flop TPGK and check to the orignal raiser as I feel he will likely c-bet this board with all made hands as well as those that missed. When he c-bets I feel I'm ahead of his firing range, I don't think raising achieves much apart from get action from hands that are ahead of me and fold out bluffs so I decide to call. The turn brings an 8 which doesn't change much, I decided to check as if he checks behind I can bet the river and if he bets I can call. I figured he would double barrel here with a range something like QQ+ ATs+ AJo+ KsJs KQs and possibly KQo at the time I felt that I was ahead of his range and decided to call. However I think his range may be a little tighter than this and perhpas I should have folded the turn. I think I would have been better leading the turn for value. If I lead the turn I can still get value from second pair hands or worse aces that might not double barrel; also if I get raised I can be pretty sure my hand is not good. Would this have been a better line? Also is my ranging of him okay? On the river I was pretty unsure what to do, I think that the time to get value from a Q or worse A is gone. However I think if he bets 3 streets then my AJ just isn't going to be good, should I just check fold on the river or can he feasibly bet 3 streets with worse? Thanks for any help. Oliver umbup:
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    Interesting hand!

    I tend to 3-bet with AJs from late pos. However, here you are in the sb and he bet 4x pf, I'm folding this spot preflop. I am curious what the experts suggest.


    Roland GTX


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      AJ is a trouble hand and I think this shows that. I really don't like playing it OOP without the initiative as you struggle to know where you stand. I would either 3bet or fold pre-flop depending on my reads on the villain and if I thought I could outplay him post-flop.


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        I never 3bet AJ for the reason that if you flop and hit top pair, hands that call a 3bet most of the time still crush us and were playing a raised pot with the worst hand and going to put more money in.

        To be honest with the half pot bet sizing i think there's a pretty decent price to check-call down and a good chance that we are ahead. At 2NL I think the range of aces we are ahead of is wider than you suggest, particularly suited aces. On the river if he fires 1/2 pot again or checks behind I think a fair percentage of the time we'll see Ax of spades.


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          Preflop is fine here. Like some have pointed out here 3betting is liable to get better hands to continue.

          We are suited and have a good high card hand, I'd be comfortable calling out of position here as our hand strength and playability makes up for our position.

          On the flop and turn I think this is a easy check-call spot both times. Sure, we could get value leading the turn, but I think check-call will elicit more double barrels from weaker hands. Finally on the river this is where reads come in and become important. By default we should check-fold river. Everything missed --- therefore not many players will give us credit for laying down an ace, a hand we pretty clearly have. Because of this I wouldn't expect to ever be bluffed on this river. The only player type we should be calling down against here often is a maniac. So knowing he is a maniac would be important. If they are a simple unknown, I would just let it go if someone bets the river.



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