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2nl Zoom - JJ OTB. Tight reg in BB.

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  • 2nl Zoom - JJ OTB. Tight reg in BB.

    I had limited info on the two blinds but I have a few stats to help me out, no notes on either player though which is annoying. SB - 15/05/0 AF 0.0 (21 hands) Really small size but he was playing nearly 200BB deep and was 4 tabling so I consider him to be pretty decent. BB - 12/10/5.3 AF 6.0 (60 hands) Again the sample size is pretty small but he was 4 tabling so I think these stats will reflect some truth in that he is probably playing fairly tight.
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    Pre flop it's folded round to me and I raise to 3x from the button. The SB calls and the BB 3-bet pretty huge! I found this a really difficult call because with his bet sizing I think that his range is AKs JJ+ (maybe even QQ+ as he might bet JJ smaller) and some AKo combo's. I decided that I could take a flop in position and re-evaluate depending on what the board was like and how he reacted. However I think that I should have actually folded here, he is repping a very narrow range and as he has 3bet so big he can make it very difficult for me postflop as the pot will be inflated. In fact that is what he did, I flopped an overpair and he pretty much instashoved. At this point I think this is a snap fold, the very best I can hope for is to run into AcKc but in all likelyhood I will be running into better overpairs that are crushing me. Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    His bet sizing preflop and on the flop is HUGE. No idea what that means for this player, i don't think many solid reg's do this for value.

    The pot will be massive on the flop and so many cards we don't like with our hand, even a cbet would scare us. I would either be folding, or just shoving on top of his massive raise preflop.


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      I agree on shove or fold, I'd be more inclined to shove vs. a fishy loose opponent, but vs. a guy who is a nit (12/10/5 in 6-max) I would just fold this preflop. He's intentionally removing odds to set mine from you two (in a bad-nit sort of way), don't pay him off imo. It's possible he has AK but I doubt it, I think we are getting valued by a bad nit a lot in this spot.

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