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2nl Zoom - ATo OTB. Turned trips.

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  • 2nl Zoom - ATo OTB. Turned trips.

    I played this hand a few days ago. I have been reviewing a lot of my BTN play. I 've notcied that in some spots I'm actually calling too wide, most notably UTG raises, I think this is actually a fold preflop but it provides an interesting spot on the turn that I was pretty unsure about.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop I make the call and flop middle pair, UTG checks and UTG+1 minbets. Usually players do this on draws and I would often raise this bet however I decided not too as I felt that I would be better calling as if I raised and UTG or UTG+1 re-raised me I would have to fold and I would rather see a turn. UTG folds and I turn trips which is great UTG+1 checks, at this point I think his range mainly consists of heart draws, PP 66-99 and some weak K's. I make a 2/3 pot value bet and then he raises huge! If I call he'll have less than a PSB on the river so I have to decided whether I want to commit to the hand now. I thought he had a pretty weak range when I bet out and his action doesn't make sense, he could have a ten in which case I should get it in but then he could also hold something like KT or 55 to which I'm drawing nearly dead! I feel like this is either a shove or fold, and I'm surely too strong to fold. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Oliver umbup:
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    Hmm this is a very strange hand, it just doesn't seem to make any sense. The hands that beat you are KK, KT and 55. I think we can rule out KK as they would re-raise pre-flop. I would expect 55 to raise a lot more on the turn to protect their hand, but then after the huge raise on the turn, it shows they’re not a solid player so I guess it’s a possibility. KT again is within their range, but you would expect them to raise more on the flop to protect against the flush.

    I would move all-in, mainly because the play doesn't make sense and seem very fishy. I would expect to see two hearts or the other T, maybe even some weak K's.


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      This is rather strange, and depending on the opponent he could have nothing, or the absolute nuts.

      Looking over this hand, when he min bet on the flop, i would be raising it to like $0.15, the min bet looks weak, and chances are hes just going to fold out.

      The turn I think I would be all in to be honest,
      3 combinations of KK (unlikely)
      3 combinations of 55
      3 combinations of KT

      Hands like KQ, KJ, K9, QT, JT.

      So I think were ahead of his range most of the time here.


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        HI , I do not find nothing strange with this hand, it all seems standard to me.

        But without opp read info, would be hard to give an honest opinion.

        At a guess though, to me I see the hand this way.

        utg raises, utg+1 calls, you are on the button and opt to play a tricky hand at the best of times meaning AT. However posistion was yours.

        Only calling on the button though does not allow you to gain any information on the opps hand strenght.

        the flop- utg checks,utg+1 min bets 2c, was he looking for a reraise? was he just testing the water with a feeler bet to see if maybe his 2nd pair was good, so what would you do if you were utg+1 with pocket 5s, put 2c in? no I doubt that.

        So looking from his view and second guessing, im ruling out 55 as his hand.

        Then I think back preflop, no raise from the utg+1 to the 6c utg raiser, what would I see this as, maybe a low to mid pair without been 55, or maybe like ourselves I have AT and called to see a flop.

        TEN five i would rule out because of opps pre call to his posistion.

        SO that leaves KT,again would you bet only 2c on the flop with two pair?

        YOU call 2c, again I did not like this, no information was obtained, you still had no positive read of the situation.

        Then the turn comes a ten,

        he checks reraises,maybe then he does not beleive you at this stage as you had shown no aggresion.

        I think im calling however, at this stage, and hope he had not slow played the house, however im putting him on our hand AT,but without a solid read and watching the table can only guess.

        Preflop fold in all fareness would of been the wise choice


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          Hi guys, I won't reveal what I did until Dave or Gareth show up Thanks for the feedback though. umbup: I agree with a lot of the above thoughts and ranges however ,personally I don't actually expect him to turn up with too many kings here. I think his range is mainly flushdraws, tens or boats. The thing I was really unsure about was how much of the time he turns up with each, as I found his line to be really odd.
          Originally posted by craig121212 View Post
          Looking over this hand, when he min bet on the flop, i would be raising it to like $0.15, the min bet looks weak, and chances are hes just going to fold out.
          Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
          YOU call 2c, again I did not like this, no information was obtained, you still had no positive read of the situation.
          As I said I would normally raise here but the reason I didn't in this instance was because I felt my hand was strong nough to continue with in position, but I didn't feel my hand could stand up to a 3-bet. If UTG 3bets then I am well behind his range and have to fold, if UTG+1 raises me then I also have to fold as he is repping a pretty strong hand such as sets or 2 pair. Although by just calling I am allowing flush draws the right price to draw out on me I think he will also do this with smaller pairs that I can extract value from by playing in position. Whereas if I raised these smaller pairs would just fold and I lose value.
          Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
          Only calling on the button though does not allow you to gain any information on the opps hand strenght.
          You say 'only calling' however I don't think 3-betting is a good option here as I will likely only get action from there ranges when I am well behind, also I don't think a 3-bet will get folds often enough to make it profitable to 3-bet as a resteal here. This is why I actually prefer folding looking back on the hand, even though I am in position my hand is dominated by lots of others so it is probably better to pitch it. Thanks again Oliver umbup:
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            Your hand being strong is the exact reason why I would bet, if he has nothing your not getting any value anyway, so why not raise and build the pot when you do have a strong hand.


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              Hey Oliver

              On the turn I would move all-in. Once your opponent check-raises the turn I would not expect him to fold to further action, the stacks work out well for moving all in, and the river could certainly come off as an action killer, or worse yet, make our opponent's hand.

              If our opponent has KT/KK/55 it will be a genuine cooler. Let's think of the hands that are worse than ours that we can cooler. Those include QT/JT/T9/T8, and we have excellent equity against them. We have a fair number of outs versus 55, 7 by my count.

              The short and the long of it is that our hand is too strong to fold. We could have played it a few different ways up to this point however. I would start with a fold preflop. From there I would go with raising the flop versus the minimum bet. If the player called out of position I would feel pretty confident in betting another street for value and protection. If the player reopened the action with the dreaded min lead/three-bet line I would be quite concerned. As it happens raising the lead let's you take the reigns in the hand.



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