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2NL zoom 6max: turn bluff pocket 6's

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  • 2NL zoom 6max: turn bluff pocket 6's

    Hey, Just playing 2NL 6max zoom again, and I turned my hand into a bluff, which usually isn't a good idea at 2NL, but here it is: I called preflop to set mine, quite deep stacked so good odds. The flop came K89 rainbow. I quickly checked the lobby and the villain is playing multiple tables and also is quite deep on this table, so I assume he is a regular thinking player. I decide to check call, because a thinking player knows that this is a good board to cbet, I actually think that I'm ahead here. The turn comes a 2, so a blank, doesn't affect anything. I check again and the villain bets half pot, he's a thinking player he knows a turn checkraise means he could be in trouble, i min raise, trying to look quite strong, not to look bluffy but just trying to build the pot a bit more at the river (also not to throw away too many chips if this doesn't work out). He sat for a bit, then said "set of 8's?". At this point I was thinking perfect , this was exactly what I was going for, it's actually how i would play a set of 8's, and it shows that he was a thinking player, so my reason for trying this move was accurate. In the end he said "would make sense". And just before his time bank ran out he folded. Very risky/stupid play, but it's always fun taking a chance once in a while :P

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    Hey Craig

    I called preflop to set mine, quite deep stacked so good odds.
    This is an important point to clear up first of all, because it isn't exactly true. Remember that the effective stacks are what make you deep stacked or shallow stacked, and while your opponent has a lot of money in front of him, you don't have nearly his stack covered. So you can only win up to your stack postflop, meaning this is a pretty regular stacked situation

    I think your preflop call is still fine of course. Pretty interesting line you take postflop. I would disagree that you are clearly ahead when you check-call the flop. I would much rather take this line with a hand that is good enough to check-call the flop but not the turn. I don't think 66 exactly qualifies

    A weak draw like an open ended straight draw might be a better case for making this play. You certainly deceived the player in question though, so I like your turn check-raise size. Sneaky


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      I usually aim for 15-20x behind to have the correct implied odds for a call?
      With the 0.04c to call that means there need to be at least $0.60-80 in order to call. Is this sort of thinking wrong?

      I wasn't 100% sure I was ahead, but since it was a good board to c-bet i figured he could have a lot of other cards such as AQ, AJ, AT, QJ etc.

      I would be happy calling the flop here, and going to showdown if he was happy with just checking down after that.

      The turn I would never call with this hand, and usually I would give up on the flop, but i had decided if the turn came a blank that i was going to checkraise and make the move.



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