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2nl Zoom - QJo OTB.

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  • 2nl Zoom - QJo OTB.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I'm usually pretty good preflop as it's the easiest street however I think I may have messed this one up... I called as I thought I could play in position and use any favourable flops or passiveness from the opponent to my advantage. However against an unknown is this the right way to be thinking, would I have been better 3-betting? Once I've called and flopped TP I don't think I should lay it down to one bet, he would likely fire most misses on this board as well as worse pairs so I think I can profitably call. However when the K falls on the turn and he fires again I'm now a bit worried. The K hits a lot of his misses that he would fire the flop with and I don't think he would double barrel with many PP's lower than a Q. The only hand I'm ahea of he may take this line with is JJ or maybe TT. Pretty easy fold or am I missing something? Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Croyd I personally like folding QJo vs an UTG raise from an unknown, a lot of his range has you dominated (AQ,AJ,KQ,KJ,JJ+) and you are rarely, if ever ahead. When you flop top pair calling one bet would be fine, and the turn card doesnt make it any easier.. With no reads it is probably a fold (although admittedly I would probably peel one more lol), as you said a lot of his misses on the flop have paired up on the turn, and also something like AJ could likely check trying to see the river for free, also possibly having showdown value, although if you were drawing on the flop it is possible that you got there with this turn. You mentioned you may be ahead of his TT or JJ which I agree he may do this with, but probably only holding the T or J of diamonds. Chris umbup:


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      Tough spot here, quite interesting.

      In position I'd usually call will a hand like QJo, it can flop well, and you also have position if opponent shows weakness.

      I think the villain could definitely fire the second barrel with some worse hands than yours. He could have QT, QJ, although we block them, he could also have picked up the diamond draw here with some Ax hands, i see a lot of people playing their aces at 2NL zoom.

      This is one hand where it really helps to have the initiative, if we bet and the villain comes over the top then we know were behind, but when we have to react to his bets the decision becomes harder.

      A lot of the time I think I would be folding in this spot, just because some of his hands have hit, there are quite a lot of scare cards to come on the river, and if he fires again what do we do?

      The only other thing I could suggest in this spot is to raise. He makes it a half pot bet, so its an ok price for you to come and raise to like $0.40 cents, and if the villain has a Q or no diamonds they might be scared by this and fold. Even if they do call they may check the river to you and you can fire again. But in this spot if they come over the top or lead the river its an easy fold. This sort of play might not work at 2NL because people are playing their hands more than thinking of what you have, but its another option.

      I'd be looking through your history with this player and taking notes to see what sort of hands he is playing from under the gun and taking these sort of lines with and whether he bluffs, just in case this sort of spot comes up again


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        Hey Oliver

        I think, as played, on the turn, we have quite the easy fold. We have a middle strength hand against an UTG raiser who has shown strength on a board that hits his range quite well. We could be drawing dead right now and we have no guarantee that either a jack or a queen is going to make us the best hand.

        This in itself does not show that it was a bad call preflop, but I agree with the above comments that it is a shade too loose. I would certainly not fault a call with QJs. KQo is also a pretty marginal hand to hold in this spot and I wouldn't fault you for folding or calling. It is hard in zoom when we don't have a good read on our opponents that can help us shift this decision one way or another.

        Remember that you should fold the weakest parts of your range at every stage in a hand. Preflop we should fold the weakest hands in our range, the flop, by and larger, we should fold the weakest hands in our range, and so forth. This time on the turn you definitely have much stronger hands in your range than this. Top two pair, flushes, and AQ, to name a few. So don't worry too much about letting go of the lowly 2nd pair 2nd kicker



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