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2NL 6max zoom: flop shove

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: flop shove

    What sort of hand shoves in this spot? Overpair? Two pair? A set? A straight? Would they just try extract value and its only worse hands that would shove? I folded because I wasn't confident in that spot, but that's a dream flop for calling in the bb preflop, and not sure if I've just lost a whole lot of value with that fold.

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    Hi Craig,

    Folding preflop rather than calling OOP with a weak hand in a 3 way pot would be ok.

    I would generally snap it in here. I don't expect to see an unknown villain show up with an overpair much (if they play it this way on the flop they probably 3b pre as well) nor the nuts (too many slow-play happy people and even the non-slowplayers don't overbet jam cause they don't want to lose all their action). Without any info I generally expect to see a vulnerable made hand (bad players do this to "protect" their hand), or a big draw. So AJ/KJ type hands or big draws mostly. We can see 2 pair as well but there's just as many combos of J8 as there are of 87 so that's sort of a wash. Sets are possible but we block JJJ and 777 and sets sometimes fall into the slowplay category for opponents as well, so not expecting them to show up with a set much either. Bottom line, I think we're ahead more often than not here, so I'll get it in and make a note on what the villain played in this manner. Also the 3rd player may overcall if he's got QQ+ or a big jack, or a draw himself, and that would add to our EV since we're ahead of that range.
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      They were suited and looked really pretty but , was 0.02 to make a 0.13 pot, so thought it was worth it then a fold on the flop unless i flop really hard.

      I was happier giving up my 5.5bb that i voluntarily put in than my whole stack when I was unsure, but next time the stack will be in .



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