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2NL 6max zoom: call with straight draw&overcards

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  • 2NL 6max zoom: call with straight draw&overcards

    Hi again, This spot took me most of my time bank thinking about the turn call that I made. The 3 bet, I usually wouldn't call preflop, but i was on the button and it was from the blinds, in zoom i constantly see big blind 3 betting the button, because so often the button is stealing, so the 3bet is light. I have a playable hand and I'm in position. The cbet comes on the flop, I expected this, i have two overcards and open ended straight draw, I'm happy calling one street in position to see what happens on the turn. The turn comes another 8, and I'm thinking what can my opponent have. A9, K9, Q9, J9, T9? All possible i think. JT is also possible. 66+ 2 overcards. Flushdraw. So we have lots of combinations, most of which are beating me. But I have outs, 4 6's, 4 J's, 3K's. And i have a 2.2% chance of hitting any of them (i did the math before the turn call). That is 24.2% I have to call $0.34 to make a pot of $1.65, so i need to have at least 20.5% equity in the pot. So I think in this spot I have the right price to make this call. I do and the king comes and i call the all in, i was calling the turn to improve and i did, so i wasn't laying it down, when i called i was happy to be all in if i hit any of my outs. Am i wrong to make this call in this spot? Are there other considerations, or does the villain have a much narrower range than I assigned him?
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    Hey Craig I think you kind of know from the way you posted the hand that you should be folding preflop. If you had KTs it would be a very different deal I think, since your ability to semi-bluff and flop well is much improved. As it stands I actually like moving all-in on the flop. You have two overcards and an open ended straight draw. So you probably have a fair amount of real equity. It is going to be difficult to get paid on a card that brings a four straight, and makes your straight in the future. This is coupled with the fact that you can probably get villain to continuation bet and fold with hands that beat us now like KQ/AQ/AK. Given the size of his c-bet and the depth of the stacks I think that's our best bet at the moment as played umbup:


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      I hadn't considered that at all, never really been so aggressive as that, its always been value betting all the way, hardly ever overbet or just reraise shove.
      On the flop its between 40-50% equity i think as well as fold equity. That's a really interesting line to take.



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