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2nl Zoom - AQo UTG. Opponent c/r flop.

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  • 2nl Zoom - AQo UTG. Opponent c/r flop.

    This spot came up the other day and I'm pretty unsure about about it...
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop I make a standard raise and get 1 caller in the BB, the flop comes down and I flop TPTK. The BB checks to me, I c-bet for a standard 2/3 pot value bet; then the sneaky little bugger goes and check raises me! I can't really raise as it likely only gets action when I'm behind, so that leaves calling or folding. He's repping a set or 2 pair pretty hard but the only set that makes sense is if he holds 44 and the only 2 pair is if he holds QJs. This is a pretty narrow range. If he's super aggro then he might play AQ/AJ and possibly a draw such as KTs with a backdoor flush draw. But really he is repping strength such as a set or 2 pair, should I just lay this down and live to fight another day or make the call and proceed with caution? Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    This is a tricky spot and I agree with you on was he's repping, which would only make sense for 44 or QJ, I can't even see him c/r with AQ or AJ as there's no flush draw. My experience of 2nl is the aggressive players tend to donk bet not c/r, but I play regular tables so zoom could be different. If you call him he's going to fire another barrel at you on the turn which I'm not sure you can call unless you improve, so I don't like calling it. If you were to raise you would be looking to shove all-in, and I don't feel comfortable going all-in with TPTK on a SPR of almost 15. This only leaves us with folding, and as much as I don't like folding TPTK when the 44 and QJ is such a small proportion of his range, I can't see any other way of playing it. I would just make a note and watch out for him trying this again. I guess this is one of the drawbacks of Zoom as you don't have stats on his c/r flop percentage. I'm very interested in what the trainers have to say about this hand though. Good post Oliver umbup:


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      Kedan summed up pretty much what I was thinking.

      The only thing I struggle with here is, Why the checkraise on the flop? He's going to be folding out so many worse hands he could get more value from, why make this move on the flop. Why not lead out on the turn, or checkraise the turn instead of this play?


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        Hi guys,

        It's tricky to play readless, like against an aggro-bluffer it would be a really easy call, and call down, let him do his thing with his entire bluff range. Against a nit, super easy fold, the dude will have 44 or JJ like all the time.

        So here we just don't know. But I'm not prepared to give up just yet, especially when we have the power of position working for us... we get to see the turn card AND how he reacts to A) being called and B) the turn, and can make a more informed decision with this new info.

        So a couple things about the discussion... don't take JJ out of his range, a lot of players would flat pre with JJ out of position here rather than 3-bet it, myself included sometimes. Also, it's a good discussion about his range and what he's repping, but keep in mind he may not think like this either... for instance it makes little sense to check-raise KQ in this spot but players (especially bad ones) do things that make no sense all the time.

        So readless, my default line here is going to be to call. I think there's enough semi-bluffs+bluffs+worse made hands to justify continuing in position. Plus we can still draw out on a preflop slow played KK or QJ type hand as well. I will usually call a reasonable turn barrel on a non-threatening card as well. If the villain follows through to bomb the river, probably prudent to give up at that point if we haven't improved, as 3 barrel bluffing and bluffing the river are not tools in most weaker players tool belts so in a vacuum I'm giving it more credit.

        So I don't like folding immediately so much, and I also really don't like raising. We are only going to get stacks in vs. a range that is crushing us by raising again, and let any and all bluffs off the hook. Our hand strength and the situation doesn't warrant playing for stacks on the flop here imo.
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