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Multitabling or more zoom?

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  • Multitabling or more zoom?

    I think the last few weeks have been leading up to this moment; as I have found more and more things I like about zoom I keep thinking to myself should I just play zoom all the time and not any regular speed games. I'm currently playing 4 hours a day 5 days week splitting my time evenly between zoom and regular speed tables. However my winrate at zoom seems to be much better and I also enjoy it more (because of the speed). Another advantage is that my volume when playing zoom is obviously much more; I only single table on regular speed as otherwise I miss critical showdown info. However I can solve my volume issue by adding more tables, in the past I have found this very difficult. Although I don't watch showdowns I can manage 2 tables of zoom pretty easily, so maybe I have improved. If I were to play just zoom I would probably play 3 hours per day and use the extra hour to review the sessions and make notes on hands I fast folded. However would playing only zoom be a detriment to my play? Just wondering if anyone has some advice? Also if anyone has any tips on getting used to multitabling that'd be great Thanks in advance. Oliver umbup:
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    hey Oliver, i used to multi table anywhere between 4-10 tables on 2nl (regular) but now switched to 1-3 tables of zoom instead. reckon found it easier to concentrate not "bot" out in it.. also, it seems to accumalate vpps faster (hope my spelling's right)? winrate is about the same or slightly better tho. anyways, GL mateumbup:
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      You say your win rate is better in zoom? And your playing a higher volume, id say just play zoom.

      Playing zoom you still have to make choices and decisions in the same sort of spots, just a little less reads, reading opponents is the only skill you might not be as good at just playing zoom. However if you spend an hour a day on review, then definitely zoom all the way.

      Good luck .


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        zomg, I just had the most epic multi-table fail. I too don't find playing 2 tables of zoom that much different than playing 1. But for some reason, adding a 3rd seems to have been a bit more of a challenge ... I thought it was going a little better, until I got this hand: I called with ATs to 'flush mine' (is that a 'term'? 'flush mine', like 'set mine'?) ... like I didn't mind that the raiser might have a monster hand, because I felt like if I made my hand, based on their stats, they likely have a very hard time letting go of their hand? So then on the turn when I made my flush, even though the board was paired, I had already decided I wanted to try and get all the money in the middle by the river, so when utg went all-in I just auto-clicked and didn't notice that the river was a 3rd 4 because I was looking at another table :/ d'oh!!! Maybe it just takes practice? But it has been costly so far for me to try adding a new table As for being at a crossroads, I'm kind of in a bit of a spot too. I really like zoom, and part of the reason I really like it is because I feel like I'm learning so much - about pot odds, tricky hands, going for value versus attempting to pot-control, multi-tabling, trying to plug leaks and improve one's win-rate by exploring stuff like blinds stealing and cbetting, etc. And up at higher levels it seems like there's more stuff like polarizing one's range, 3bet bluffing, cbet bluffing, and others stuff I probably didn't even notice. I wasn't profitable when I switched over from regular cash games to zoom. And then when I went back to playing cash games during the milestone hand promotion, I was. So I think there's stuff to be learned at zoom tables, but then again I didn't play regular cash tables for very long, so I don't know if there might be stuff that you could learn there that you couldn't through zoom? But yeah, I'm trying to decide if I want to play Zoom at night or play SNG's or Freerolls, just because there's so many regulars at night, and break-even just isn't as fun sometimes, eh? I guess the money makes things more fun ... but it's still fun on it's own. I don't know ...


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          A snapshot of 2nl Zoom @ 8:22pm EST :

          (It's not usually THIS tough after 8pm , but generally it's a little tougher )


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            Hi guys Thanks for all the feedback and apologies for taking so long to reply I've been rather busy the last few days. Anyway I decided to do a bit of each, sometimes I don't feel like playing zoom so when I don't I'm going to hit up the regular tables. I'm going to watch frosty's videos on multitabling and try start adding a few tables, probably a max of 4 for now. When I do feel like playing zoom then I will. Thanks for the help guys. Oliver umbup:
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              hi oliver

              ive just moved up to 5nl and it looks like i dont do to well at the regular 6max tables but i do great at zoom.

              so i just play two zoom tables at 5nl, funny though i was terrible at 2nl zoom go figure



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