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2NL zoom 6max, TPTK turn check raise

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  • 2NL zoom 6max, TPTK turn check raise

    This is zoom and i have no reads at all on the opponent. Usually my bet sizing is a little bigger, but i wanted draws to call me here. My question is, what is the villains range here? I thought 2 pair hands, the straight or a set, can he do it with worse hands than mine?

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    Hi Craig, I've been playing a lot of zoom recently and when readless I'm also having some trouble with AK. Against an unknown I am inclined to fold to his bet for a few reasons. Firstly he is showing a fair bit of strength by check-raising the turn, I wouldn't be too worried about flopped straights but sets are a big part of his range as well as 2 pair A3/A5/A9. He might also do this with AXs in clubs but I would expect to see him c/r the flop with these, rather than the turn. Secondly if you call the bet you will likely be facing a bigger bet on the river so I think it's best to fold now. You may be folding the best hand some of the time but I think you are behind his range here and it's not worth putting anymore money in the pot when you aren't likely to get to showdown without seeing another bet. My advice isn't gospel truth mind but just my thoughts. Good luck. Oliver umbup:
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      Hey Oliver,

      Thanks, sort of similar to what i thought, i took a while, but in the end i did fold, if it was on the river i would've called, but i wasn't calling a turn then a river shove.


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        Hey Craig

        I think folding is the right play. As you surmised he simply isn't doing this very often with a worse hand than yours. When that becomes true we should happily press the fold button. Betting the turn, its important to note, is clearly the correct play. While he may raise with better hands he will definitely call with worse, so there is value to be had now.

        In terms of sizing I think you can still bet bigger and he will still call with draws. That way you force him into a bigger mistake with his draws and win more money in the long run



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