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1.Bad or good fold 2 pairs and 2. Too much aggression witha set or no?

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  • 1.Bad or good fold 2 pairs and 2. Too much aggression witha set or no?

    No specific reads on villains
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
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    Alright now, changed the topic name, hope everything's correct now.
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      Not proffesional opinion here, but I'll give my take on the hand. I usually tend to go a bit over the top on discussions and ideas, sorry for that :/.

      A8o i don't really like preflop, is it was suited in a multiway pot i would like it better, but still, not too bad.

      On the flop you have an A and a J, you have a blocker for A, so they may not be likely. But (my maths may be wrong here) there are 2 aces left in the deck of the 47 cards you can't see, thats a 4-5% chance that any other card out there is an A, there are 6 cards out there against you, with aces definitely in all the preflop ranges, so an ok chance for someone else to hit one. J is more likely to hit than that, and may just call 1 street and see if it improves, also T9 might call, QT, KQ at a push.

      So considering alot of these cards are in everyones range I think it makes sense to donk into this pot, you cant be sure someone else will raise it for you, and with a 2 pair hand you want to build the pot at this point, because worse can definitely call.

      Last player to act bets with less than 1/3 of pot, this could be a straight bluff, or a drawing hand I think is more likely. And the bet is quite small, about correct odds for a drawing hand, which you dont want, hence the donk into the pot and make the bet a little bigger than that.

      The Q comes and you elect to check again, yes the T9 got there but your still ahead alot, id still elect to bet out here, which would be easier after the flop donk as you have initiative. The opponent checks behind.

      On the river you elect to bet out (possibly because of the turn check behind), and it's a good value bet i think, spades may be possible but isn't likely at this point.
      You get reraised here. Most of the time when that happens on turn or river we have to think whether were good or not again. Some likely hands are spade hands with A or J in them, which are quite likely to play the way they did, apart from the turn check, so maybe not an A? Maybe a Jx of spades. The reraise on the river I can't really think of much you can be ahead of at this point, your play might look quite weak and they think they can take you off the hand but not 100% sure on that. So were not sure but I would have went with the fold here.

      Things to improve on next time i would say, is donk out on the flop, take initiative in the hand, its likely to hit ranges so make opponents pay for the hands you beat and for drawing hands. And if we bet 3 streets and the river raises us we can be alot more sure that were behind in this spot, rather than the way it was played.


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        Hi opium,

        A8o does not play well out of position, without the initiative, in a multiway pot, so I would not call a raise preflop in this spot.

        Once we flop 2 pair, in a low stack to pot ratio situation vs. probably loose unknowns, I would always be playing this fast. I like donking out since no one is folding an ace, and the preflop raiser may not bet for us if he doesn't have an ace, but he may call one time with KK/QQ. If he's got AK or AQ he is not only calling, he may raise our donk lead, allowing us to get all in easily. As played, check-raise the button would be better thank check-calling, I doubt he can get away from his hand and we don't really want to give the others a chance at our stack for .10c (since we're not folding 2 pair if they call and hit a gutter).

        I think your river fold is fine. When he clicks it back on the river I think it's just too likely we're beat. The gross part is that he can maybe think a worse 2 pair is good since we played this hand so passively, but the board is sufficiently scary that he probably just calls us with worse 2 pair hands.
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          Thank you for the pro and non pro opinions, it was nice to hear both of those! umbup:



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