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5nl full ring

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  • 5nl full ring
    i feel as if i played this hand really bad, think i should of proberbly c-bet the flop but dont really know what his range would be to just flat call pre flop.

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    Hi there, me again from the other post.

    Preflop is good again.

    When it gets to a flop it is 2sKd5d

    So we think what is his preflop calling range, i think AQ, AK, TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA.

    AQ ---- 16 combinations, one can draw out on us
    AK ---- 16 combination, were behind
    TT ---- 6 combinations, were ahead
    JJ ----- 6 combinations, were ahead
    QQ ----- 1 combination, we tie
    KK ----- 3 combinations, were behind

    I would always bet out in this spot anyway but combinatorically, were ahead of 28 combinations, behind 19, and tie 1. This definitely makes sense to bet at this pot. Also his calling range may be wider than we think, and if it is it just means were ahead more than we think here.

    Bet out on the flop. You have initiative, keep that.

    I would never suggest check calling the flop then checking the turn again, it looks weak, hes going to bet at you again, and take down a pot where chances are your ahead.

    On the turn we are likely still ahead, we are now 27 ahead, 20 behind, one tied. But you gave up the initiative. What does a donk bet look like on this board? Slow playing or AQ of diamonds is the only hands we can represent and i dont think hes believing you a lot of the time.

    If you bet you can still lose the pot, but if you play it passive your always losing it.
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      Hi brad,

      Again without reads you're not going to get great answers... in a vacuum I would generally c-bet this flop out of position simply to protect myself from being bluffed with the pot as large as it is, but this bet is kind of meh because we are never getting better hands to fold and we are not getting called by worse except for the few flush draws in his range which A) have decent equity anyway and B) may raise to semi-bluff which we can't call.

      Originally posted by craig121212
      but if you play it passive your always losing it.
      I don't agree with this. For instance vs. an aggressive positional bluffer I might check/call 3 streets in a spot like this and get shown a small pocket pair that they've turned into a bluff or AQ high. Vs. a very passive player we are not going to get bluffed off our hand when we're good, they'll only bet if they have us beat. This hand is again very subjective to reads and information that we're not being given. I do agree that given the lack of info our default should be to go towards aggression and not passive.

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