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5nl full ring

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  • 5nl full ring
    just want some advice with this hand i think pre flop is fine but post flop i dont really know where im at i feel like i should of either folded the flop or raised it.
    raising from utg+1 im thinking he could of had jj,10's.

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    This doesn't really seem to be the normal format for hand evaluations, there is a sticky at the top of the section with a tutorial on how the correct format to post a hand for analysis, and in future I'd suggest going by that, but I'll give it a go anyways, by no means a professional opinion here, and I usually tend to write a lot when discussing hands, just as a warning.

    Preflop totally standard 3x 3bet.

    Now on the flop, comes a 927, this hits any of your range about 0% of the time, true you could have overcards in this spot so dangerous, but maybe worth a go to bluff at it for the opponent. Do you have any stats/reads on the opponents call 3bet? Might help a little.

    Peeling a card is fine, but another low card and villain bets again you have nothing and fold.

    Someone that's willing to put money into a 3bet pot OOP I'm usually very careful against. I might just fold here, as a normal 3bet call here could include pocket pairs TT+ possibly 99, but less likely than other options. If you don't want to give up that easy and your a pretty solid player usually could be a spot to turn your hand into a bluff, i think AA KK QQ might 4bet preflop, so im saying TT or JJ here, or a straight bluff. I could reraise in this spot, not all the time, but sometimes. Make is $1.15-1.20 to go. This will fold out a bluff and take the pot down, and could also fold out TT and JJ (your the preflop 3better so your range is pretty strong). If TT or JJ peel a card, and check the turn you could fire about 65-70% of the pot and possibly get a fold out of them. This is rather risky and might not be profitable, but if you raise on the flop, and they reraise or barrell the turn then you know your definitely behind, but sometimes they could just flat and check turn or just straight fold.

    This is all dependent on the opponent, if they bluff at pots, or if they can fold what they think is a weaker good hand then yes you could do this.

    If it's an opponent that can fire more than 1 street, I would consider folding on the flop, its a 3bet pot, pretty big, your not calling two streets, you've missed the flop so just fold and save yourself the 9bb that is required to call.


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      Hi brad,

      Without any reads (you didn't provide any) I would just fold the flop. His range to call your 3b oop is probably heavy in pocket pairs 88-JJ, or he could have AQs or AKs and have flopped a flush draw. Your equity against that range is not good. Raising the flop donk bet to rep AA/KK is a nice line against some players but without reads I'm not giving this guy credit for being able to bet/fold JJ here, I think he won't like it but we'll get looked up a lot more than we'd like and need to hit our hand.
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