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2NL 6max: TT all in? (loose image vs aggressive player)

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  • 2NL 6max: TT all in? (loose image vs aggressive player)

    Hi there first time posting one of these hand histories so might not do it exactly right. Bit of info on the situation. I don't really use a HUD because I seem to play worse with one, I base too many of my decisions on numbers and usually make the wrong ones, so its usually based on reads and preflop action of the opponent whether I'm playing certain hands, then I'll consider with new information postflop. (Plan on analyzing my play with HUD and considering decisions to try implement it succesfully into my game in the future.) On the hand: Most of the table was quite tight/passive, and i had raised maybe 5/6 of the last hands, i had things like KQo, A8s, and i was either raising first in or isolating against limpers and taking them down preflop. The villain had been very aggressive and had 3bet me in position quite often, and I hadn't took a hand to showdown yet, but I thought he was doing it pretty light, don't think id managed to get to a showdown with him as he was just so aggressive and I prefered folding and just targetting weaker players. The villain 3bet me again, i prefer flat calling with TT, stacking off ranges preflop I dont feel tens play great against, as its usually 2 overcards or a higher pair. So on the flop I figured no matter what the board was the villain would raise me and I wouldn't like it, so i check called to peel a card. I also took quite a while considering what I'd do on later streets at this point, so he might have seen it as a sign of weakness my taking so long. The turn came another low card, I decided to check again, thinking the villain will bet and ill just go over the top all in, because Im ranging him any 2 overcards (rarely a Q I think), and pocket pairs. The low card on the turn sold it for me as it didn't hit his overcards which i was most worried about hence just peeling the card with the TT. The bet was a bit bigger than I'd hoped leaving me with no fold equity, but i was still going with it. So main questions: Would anyone range the villain differently from me? And is there any better way to play the TT in this spot? Thanks in advance for any replies .
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    Hey Craig

    Nice post . I think I have a few pointers. First would be to keep your stack topped up to 100 big blinds. This will make some of the stack situations you encounter less awkward and will give you a simple constant stack size to manage instead of adjusting each time you lose a pot.

    In terms of the hand itself I would fold the turn. I am fine with the way you played it preflop and on the flop. But on the turn our opponent is seldom bluffing. We have shown to him that we have a hand worth calling twice with out of position so we should not expect him to simply bluff off his stack. Like you said, we don't expect to have much fold equity over his turn bet. And the times we get it in behind, we have very little equity, we have two outs the vast majority of those times.

    So I would just let it go on the turn and live to fight another day

    In terms of his range, why do you think he can have any two overcards but not a Q? Any two overcards to me seems to indicate: AK/AQ/AJ/KQ/KJ/QJ. Those are all the any two overcard possibilities. Look at all those QX type hands! More to the point though, I think his turn range is heavily weighted towards KQ/AQ/KK/AA type hands with some AKss AJss type hands as well.
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      I usually wait till my stack gets to around the $1.30 mark at the end of a hand then manually top it up for the next hand. I know it's meant to be best to top it up automatically, but I like keeping track of exactly how much money I've won/lost while at specific tables.

      Usually I would fold the turn it was only because of the extremely aggressive opponent that I was all in. Instead of betting out and possibly folding his worse hands i checked back, I figured the amount of time I took to call the flop bet and then the check on the turn would be considered weakness and he would bluff at the turn, and if it was a low card i would get it all in with him. Almost like a reverse thin value bet ... if you get such a thing. I was about 90% sure he was firing at the turn anyways.

      Also the reason I put him on overcards but not the queen was because of the big bet sizing on the turn, he could have went smaller and still stacked me on the river. But the huge bet on the turn is folding out a lot of weaker hands possibly even weak queens alot of the time, so I thought instead of the aggressive bluff type plays the value bet with a top pair hand would be more call-friendly. Although he could have a weak queen himself and have possibly turned his hand into a bluff, but I'm not sure if his 3bet preflop is quite that wide.

      That was my thinking in the hand, turned out I was wrong with that, you were right he showed up with the AA, I also wouldn't have put him on this hand because i wouldn't have played AA like this, i would still have bet, but it would be smaller to allow weaker hands to come along and commit themselves easier. But then again if he doesn't have a Q there's a higher chance for him that I do have one and will call off, especially because of the flop call.

      In future i guess i'll be taking more into account the beluga theorem? (turn bets usually have to re-evaluate your one pair hand strength).
      And also the fact that just because I play hands a certain way doesn't mean other players would play them like that and i should be thinking of ways other players would think not just ways i would play certain hands.

      Lots of thinking going into this hand, maybe a little too much, but it all makes sense to me.

      Thanks , was great help, and I'll make sure post other hands up for analysis when I need some.
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