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2nl Zoom - AA UTG, KxK fop.

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  • 2nl Zoom - AA UTG, KxK fop.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I make a standard rasie and get called. The flop obviously isn't great but I still think i can c-bet for value some stubborn pairs might come along and perhaps a stubborn Ax. The villain calls and the 2 hits the turn. I decided to check I didn't think betting accomplished much as worse hands that call the flop most likely aren't calling a second barrel but will check behind and maybe call a small river bet. He then fires for 2/3 pot I feel like i'm behind here so should fold, or could he be floating me with some broadway cards? [EDIT - Watched the hand back again and think that a bet fold line around half pot woul be better than checking the turn. Checking nearly all rivers if i get called.what do you think?] Thanks for any help. Oliver umbup:
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    I think it's largely dependent on reads that we don't have, what the best way to proceed here is.

    Vs. a station, bet/fold the turn. Vs. an aggro-bluffer, check-call. Vs. a Nit, check-fold. Etc.

    The best assumption we can make is that the villain is fishy in some way since they are only playing a half stack. My inclination here is to bet/fold the turn as I expect we will get called by flush draws and worse pocket pairs, and if he raises (likely all in) we are going to be looking at trips+ a lot.

    As played I don't mind check-folding, but also wouldn't mind check-calling the turn... he may well take a shot with a flush draw, or bet a hand like TT "for protection" since he thinks you might have AQ and doesn't want to give you a free card. The caveat to this line is I suspect on the river much of the time if we're good he'll simply check it down and we win (will likely check hands like TT with showdown value and busted draws cause he fears we're calling again), and if he ships the river we can check-fold then knowing we're beat the large majority of the time. IOW our turn call will often freeze him from firing the river unless he's got it.

    Still, with specific reads any of these could be better, and I like bet/fold a bit more vs. a half stacking I presume to be a weak player.
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