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2nl - KQs OTB multiway.

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  • 2nl - KQs OTB multiway.

    Regular table so I have some info on players for once. UTG raiser is tight and pretty aggressive when in a pot. Haven't seen anything too out of line yet. His stats were 17/13/0 AF 6.0 (29 hands) UTG+1 is an okay player, he is playing fairly LAG however I have noticed him pushing the aggression in spots that don't warrant it. He either hadn't figured out the player below was a station or didn't care. He also didn't seem to observe position too well and called with pretty hands. 26/19/2.4 AF 3.2 (139 hands) The player to my right was an unbelievably passive player he hardly ever raised, he also valued most pairs as a hand to go to showdown with. Very nice having him sat on my right. His stats were 61/01/3.8 AF 0.8 (75 hands)
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop I don't see the point in raising I'm in position.When I raise I only get action from UTG when i'm behind; UTG+1 I think i can outplay in position and I don't want to scare the fish off. I flop nothing and it's checked round, really don't see the point in c-betting here so I just check. I turn TPGK and then UTG makes a delayed c-bet, this line looks pretty strong leading out in to so many the fish calls and I don't think I can fold to one bet. The river brings an 8; T9 gets there but not much else and again UTG fires, the fish does his thing laying me 4-1. I have 20% equity to make the call profitable but the UTG is firing pretty strong into a station. Should I fold or are the odds to good? Thanks for any help. Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver, I am going to call the river. The only hands beating us that really make sense for UTG to show up with here are AQ and JJ. He can also have KQ which we tie, and possibly turned equity (like AhKh or AhTh but busted and is betting to try and get us off a pair. He's been at the table for only 27 hands so he may not have recognized there's a station in the pot, and for all we know may not even be looking. I think we're good often enough that I don't like folding, and raising is an interesting deeper level option to get the UTG off AQ while getting paid by worse from the station... a bit too fancy here though as at this level vs a relatively unknown (27 hands) I'm never giving him credit for being able to fold top/top. Preflop, flop, turn all look standard to me. umbup: Dave
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      I decided to call as I felt that even if I was at best tying with the UTG we would split the pot, the interesting thing was that the station showed up with KK! Showed how truely passive he is . Also I like the raising option I think against some opponents it may work but as you say it is against a relatively unknown player best to just call, very interesting line though Cheers Oliver umbup:
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        I think KK is pretty understandable in this spot, 4x pfr (don't know if this is standard for him or not, but a pretty decent sized bet), hes a TAG and UTG so range is tighter again.

        The flop comes J37 rainbow, a pretty dry board, not really any draws, if he bets out the only thing calling him all 3 streets is AA, QQ, JJ, 33, 77 and a two pair hand, maybe AJ, KJ.
        AA, QQ and JJ arent likely as they would have 3bet preflop but 33 and 77 are likely. So if he bets on this board weak jacks and other one pair hands might peel a card but after that they are gone and no more value, the pot is also quite big so good bet sizing might scare off players with weaker holdings.

        So he decides to check, give players behind with medium strength hands a chance to bet at it, and another card to come off, only card he is really scared of is an A, which if an opponent has one is only 3 outs so not very likely.

        The turn comes a Qh, making a flush draw that he could get paid from, a Q he could get paid from, and a J is more likely to pay the two streets now.

        Confident he has the best hand at this point he bets, likely getting called by someone, and fires again at the river.

        In my opinion he got the most value possible from his KK in that spot.

        Still i would have done the exact same as you in this spot, no point bluffing at the flop as your likely to get called in at least one spot and then stuck on the turn so check behind. Hit top pair 2nd kicker on the turn, just flatting is good here, he could definitely have a J here. The station comes along which is good, because we'll assume were pretty much always way ahead of him, so the pot is pretty much heads up with a little extra thrown in. You flat call and give him a chance to bet the river again with hands like AJ, KJ still thinking they're good here. Call on the river, no point raising as you'll fold out the worse hands, so good play even though you didn't win in my opinion.


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          Hi Craig,

          It was the station who just called down all the way who had KK and took the pot; UTG had AQ which was pretty much what his range was nailed to, maybe QK as well.

          UTG play made perfect sense in his position, but the station played his hand horribly. I didn't mind though he was great to have on my right
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            For some reason I can't watch the vid - "Error - no data found". What could it be?


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              Hi opium,

              Unfortunately I deleted all my hands from the hand replayer as it was getting a bit clogged up. As the hand is no longer in the system you won't be able to view it.

              I'll find the hand and repost it
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                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
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