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2nl Zoom - AK in th BB. Should I have C-bet the flop?

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  • 2nl Zoom - AK in th BB. Should I have C-bet the flop?

    No reads on the UTG opener or the villain OTB but the SB is a player who I know is pretty loose and passive.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    UTG raises and gets 2 callers, I could call but it doesn't build a pot and I think that if I 3-bet I can still get worse hands to call (especially from the player in the small blind). I decide to make it 5.5X the initial raise, 3.5X as i'm OOP +1 for each caller. Is this a deecent sized 3-bet or is it a little big? The OR calls and the other player fold. The flop comes down pretty low and wet, I decided to check I didn't think this hit his range too much however he didn't have much left in his stack and a std cbet to around 50c leaves him with hardly any left behind. I felt that he would call with any pair as this flop just doesn't hit my range at all and I didn't want to be stuck to a pot with A high. However now I think that a c-bet on the flop would likely get through as I am representing a big pair, so should I have c-bet the flop? He checked behind and another spade hit the turn, at this point he's shown little interest in the pot and I've picked up the nut flush draw. I thought this was a great spot to make a delayed c-bet as he would be less inclined to call with the 3rd spade hitting, also if he does call I have a lot of cards that would be beneficial for me on the river. Given my flop check was I right to fire this turn card and attack his weakness? Thanks for any advice. Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver

    I think you played this one ok. Preflop we really did not get the result we would have wanted, which would be to play against one of the other two players, since they are the weaker players in the pot. What about the flop?

    Do you think he a) ever folds a better hand than yours on the flop if you bet?

    b) ever calls with a worse hand than yours on the flop if you bet?

    I would wager that the answer to a) is more or less no and that the answer to b) is also more or less no. Maybe he folds 22 and calls AQ, or a hand like KJss, that's about it. SO because of that I like your decision to not continuation bet, as you have accurately pointed out that it is going to be expensive, because of the size of the pot, and committing, because of the size of the pot.

    On the turn I like to continue to check. A similar story holds through the turn, pairs are almost never going to fold, hands that can call that are worse are hands with a lower spade in them, hands like AoJs. We don't mind checking through with these hands because we can get a nice bet out of them on a spade river or an ace river.


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      Cheers Gareth.

      If we do check and we miss do we then check and then fold to a bet, or is the a chance (especially if the card is low) that AK is best?

      Thanks Again.

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