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2NL 88 looking to call to set mine in mult-way 3 bet pot

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  • 2NL 88 looking to call to set mine in mult-way 3 bet pot

    Should I have called ?

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    Well, according to far superior poker minds than mine, you should be looking to get 15+:1 implied odds to strictly setmine. You were getting just better than 10:1 on your 18¢ call. (your the effective stack) unless you thought if you hit, two of your opponents would probably stack off, I would have to say the answer to your question is no.
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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      I would think this is fairly close.

      We have a few options actually.

      1. Folding ... by definition this has an expected value of 0. The money we already put in the pot isn't ours anymore and we can't win or lose anymore money either.

      2. Calling ... our hand plays very poorly postflop given our position, the worst position in many respects. We will not flop a set that often and what's more, sometimes when we do we won't flop the best hand.

      3. Raising all-in. We have a strong hand and there is a lot of money in the middle. The initial raiser and flat caller have not reopened the action, as we would expect them to do with their strongest pairs. The times we pick up all the dead money in the middle are going to overlay the times we get the money in bad. I would consider this the clear play had we a hand like AK or JJ. How wide we would like to go with that depends on your read of the squeezer and the initial raiser. Would the initial raiser play QQ fast? Would he call the three-bet with all his opening hands? Does the squeezer have hands as weak as KJ or does he always do this with premiums? Lots of questions. If you can answer them in the right way we can raising all-in with weaker and weaker hands. 88 here is better than AQ in terms of making this play, if only by a little.



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