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2NL 6-Max - Missed value

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  • 2NL 6-Max - Missed value

    OR is for the most part TAG-ish, throws in the odd spewy crazy bluff. Caller is a little more passive but not by much. I feel like HU I would know what to do but with a multi-way pot I wasn't sure how to get maximum value from both opponents and ended up missing out on getting max value from either one. Complete mess, help?

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    Hi Fayden, I like the call preflop you're getting good implied odds and are OOP so there is no point in raising. On the flop I don't mind the check raise if you have a solid read that the OR will fire a c-bet then this line is fine. As played I also don't mind the bet sizing but I would probably make it a little larger, around 50c total. The on the turn doesn't change much, the BTN called your aggressive check raise and likely has a piece whether it is a draw a pair or over cards. He has already shown he was willing to call an against considerable aggression so I would definately fire this turn card for value, I would make it around 65-75c to go. Checking here is really bad imo as you are giving him a chance to outdraw you for free and if he doesn't hit he will not likely pay you off on the river. When the hits the river you boat up and I would definately try make a value bet here, however I would make it very small simply because he is going to have a hard time calling a third barrel. If you make a reasonable turn bet of around 65c and he calls then I would make it around 80c on the river as this would give him odds of around 3-1 and he may have a hard time folding pair when getting these odds. As played I would probably make it around 50c on the river, by shoving you are 'value owning' yourself by making it extremely hard/impossible for any worse hand to call. Just my opinions mind but that is how I would play it. Best of luck Oliver umbup:
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      Hey Fayden

      The main issue is not betting the turn. You've made a good preflop call, been lucky enough to hit your set, and got in a nice check-raise on the flop.

      Now its up to you to continue to build the pot on the turn. The Q changes nothing. If you had the best hand on the flop you have it now on the turn.

      We also know a bit about this villain. You said he was passive. Well he has also done some passive things this hand. He has a) called b) called c) called. He's never not called! So when we check to him on the turn we shouldn't have any expectation that he will bet. But on such a draw heavy board we definitely want a bet to go in on this turn, so we're going to have to bet it ourselves. This will also build a bigger pot so that we can get all in easily on the river, for that 'max' value



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        Thanks for the thoughts. I completely agree I should have bet the turn. My thinking at the time was he would not call a turn bet as it looks like a really strong line and I wanted to keep him in but after I checked I realised he's never betting here without the nuts, even then he might not. Once he checked behind and the 7 came on the river I knew I was good 99.99% of the time here and knew he would never bet the river so I had to. Since I checked the turn I thought an overbet was my best chance to make it look like a bluff as I didn't think he would call a value bet on such a wet board. Felt like such an idiot after making this play. Luckily I stacked him later on in the session so I didn get the money eventually lol.

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