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10NL 6-max deepstacked: 3bet the turn?

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  • 10NL 6-max deepstacked: 3bet the turn?

    Hey all, this is a hand i played vs a regular (300 hands) at these games His stats are: VPIP:30 PFR :24 3bet:15,7 AF :3,0 I think my pre-flop and flop line here was pretty standard. On the turn, could i have 3bet him because i was probably freerolling him. I think he would have check-raised the flop If he flopped a flush.

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    What was his WTSD stats? Does he like to go all the way with pairs? If so I think against such a loose player the call is fine because they are likely to bet again on the river, at which point a raise is in order.

    I don't like the check on the river here, if he's the type of player to call off with a pair then you should bet. The board is paired but I wouldn't worry about a full house at all. It's also unlikely he flopped the flush, but I can see why the raise on the turn could be scary.

    That's how I would play it anyway
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      I couldn't find his WTSD stats, but he isn't a calling station


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        Hey magiciantom

        I think the short answer is "no," you should not three-bet the turn in this hand.

        This is an aggressive player, but on this board texture I think its unreasonable to assume that his range is any wider than straights and flushes. What other hands could he check-raise the turn with? I think even the most aggressive players in these games realize two pair or a set is not a hand to check-raise here.

        So then the question becomes what do we want to do against straights and flushes? Well you will notice we don't even have the nut straight in this situation. It very well could be that our opponent has us drawing to clubs to win and that should hte river brick we don't have the best of it. This is the case whether he has a higher straight or a flush.

        However we gain a lot from seeing the river card. If the river card is a club we can value bet his entire turn check-raising range and he will be put in a tough spot. If the river card is a non club we are in an uncomfortable position calling to chop. I don't think when that's the case we really should be looking to inflate the pot on the turn.

        Spots like these are really about asking yourself, can he continue with worse hands if I raise? I don't think he can, so let's see if our nut flush comes in and go from there




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