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10NL FR zoom should I have shoved the turn?

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  • 10NL FR zoom should I have shoved the turn?

    Opponent is, well, we all know he's a maniac!! j/k I only had 4 hands on him but obviously know he is a good player. Possibly should have 4bet pre but having position is nice and keeps worse aces in such as AQ AJ possibly. Flop is obviously very nice for me hence the raise, should it have been bigger? Could I have jammed here? AQ could call but there aren't many aces left out there for him to have now. Didn't like the turn card but thinking about it now what would he have that beats me now? Is he squeezing with KQs oop vs ep raise? Unlikely. In that case I should still be ahead and the question is should I shove here? I could be getting freerolled if he has AK with Ks but I am beating KsKx QsQx AxQs JxJs although he has outs. Being in position I thought I would check and see what came on the river and I liked that even less and think it was a correct fold, even though I'm probably about to find out that it was a bluff on his part! nh sir, well played

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    Hi idodge,

    We debated leaving this one for Flix since he's the villain. lol Since it's been up a while I'll give you my thoughts, and if Felix hasn't gone on vacation yet he can drop in and share his as well.

    First of all I think his range is strong here preflop. It's zoom full ring, and he's 3-betting an EP raiser whom I assume he has no reads on other than you're raising in EP in FR. I think flatting pre in position is ok, not a big fan of 4-betting since I think we are going to end up getting it in basically vs. JJ+ and AK and our hand does not play well vs. that range... this would be fine if we were getting a lot of folds pre as well (or if the villain were stacking off lighter pre but we know this villain is not a fish). I just don't think his range to 3b in this spot is wide enough to get many folds.

    On the flop raising is fine, and I would definitely bet the turn. When he flats your raise there is 1 of 2 things happening... either he's got AK himself or he's got a big pair and is going to reevaluate the turn.

    The pot is already larger than the remaining stack, so I would just put it in rather than give him a free card. The only disaster scenario really is if he's freerolling us (AK with the Ks). But there is only 1 card combination of that since 3 aces are accounted for. KK, QQ, JJ there is no reason to give a free card to. If he has a big spade, you don't want to give him a free card because he's not going to pay you on the river anyway if he doesn't make the flush. Make him pay to draw out or fold out his equity in the pot. If he does not have a spade he's not putting another penny in anyway I'd guess, unless he actually draws out on you, but those 2 outs have equity as well so deny him the opportunity to realize that equity on the river and make him fold those hands imo.

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      Hey idodgedeuces, I think you played the hand just fine on turn and river. Don't think that there is any value in shoving turn after raising that flop with the only draw coming in. You might force out the same hand, but I don't see reasonable TAGs calling here with high spades or weaker trips anymore.

      Personally I don't like raising flop here since there is still a decent chance I am actually bluffing in this spot.

      Raising kills my bluffs and probably forces me to make fewer mistakes with my weaker made hands. I don't think we need to protect against anything here since there will most likely be fewer flushdraw combos in both my value and bluffingrange.

      Sorry to infest your tables, hopefully I am about to move up to 25NL in my grinding it up on Zoom challenge soon^^

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