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Would you raise the river for value?

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  • Would you raise the river for value?

    Blind vs Blinds I think I cannot not raise the river here. Luckily he did not shove, and I don't know why! Though if he did he was so short I had of course to call. But he missed value.. I thought he had 2pair or straight here. Well it is v difficult to put someone on quads. Thanks Etienne

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    Withoout reads I'd probably raise the flop. Without reads it's hard to know wether or not to continue vs a3bet, but I'd probably get it in on the flop, since he can have 2 pair, 67, and even vs a straight you still have 35% chance of winning. I'm willing to go broke on any street here (except pe-flop), because your opponent can have a weaker boat or get stubborn with 78.

    I'd probably bet or raise all 3 streets. How you played the hand I'd definitely raise the river and call a shove.


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      I agree with Tom, I'm raising the flop for sure. Don't like slowplaying your set when there are several bad turn cards that will kill your action. Also raise the turn. We have the 3rd nuts and the villain's bet sizing indicates he's got a good hand, if he has 66 or 44 then he's getting my chips... he'll be getting it in with 64, 54, 78 for sure as well, and maybe worse hands like 43s. We're losing a lot of value by not raising the flop and turn, trying to facilitate getting stacks in by the river.

      On the river this is a definite raise, I would overbet shove actually since I think the villain is going to usually show up with a big but worse made hand a lot and will pay us off. The only hands that beat us are 66 and 44 (and technically JJ, but it's extremely unlikely he's got pocket jacks in this spot). There are way more worse full houses and straights he can hold as well than the 4 card combos that beat us, so raise for value is a must imo.

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