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$10 Nl 6 handed 4c5c In the cut off. fishy?

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  • $10 Nl 6 handed 4c5c In the cut off. fishy?

    Hi. Opinions on the following hand please. The villain called me a fish when completed but I really don’t see why. Pre flop. It was folded around to me so I called from the CO with 45s, could have raised for the steal but just decided to call. Button folds and villain (SB) raises to 4BB BB folds villain has been playing a lot of hands so an EP raise is no surprise I’ve got position and a playable hand so I call. Now to me that’s a pretty standard opening gambit, but I’m open to correction. Post flop. Given the board I figure at worst I’m 50/50 (and that’s against AA) and against his range I’m much better than that. The hand then pans out as shown.

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    I'd neve open limp. Especially not at a 6-max table and from the CO. I'd raise and fold to a 3bet here. Afte you limped, you called which i probably would do aswell because we have position. Post-flop i lke the raise, because you are are about flipping vs any 1 pair hand.

    When the villian 3bets you, he probably has a pretty decent hand. If he has a set, you have about 40% chance of winning (he could make a boat), but because of the money already in the pot you're getting good enough odds just to shove it.

    Unless you think the villian is a superfish who's still gonna stac of AA when the flush comes, I like your postflop line here.


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      Hey Will I agree that open raising is going to be better than open limping here. When we open raise we give ourselves a chance to steal the blind, but when we open limp we never get that chance. Once we flop this way there is no issue with your play. We flop a monster and while there are a few ways to play monsters, getting all-in on the flop is one of them which is fine. The main thing to learn from this hand is that open raising > open limping. If you want to make your open raises smaller in the late positions like the cutoff and the button, this could give you a cheaper steal, allowing you to steal profitably with a wide range, including 45s! Just keep getting there on the turn in big pots and you'll be fine umbup: Gareth


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        Originally posted by magiciantom View Post
        I'd neve open limp. Especially not at a 6-max table and from the CO.
        Thanks guys

        Yeh the limp was the worse aspect of that play, but I had been stealing a lot and just wanted to mix it up a bit and see a cheap flop. Had I have raised He would have 3 bet and I would have folded.




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