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2nl QTo on the BTN.

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  • 2nl QTo on the BTN.

    My reads/info on the villains... SB - Not much info, I think this was only the villains second orbit. Seemed quite loose but no solid reads BB - Fishy player who is pretty LAG pre-flop and super aggro post-flop. Was running around 40/20 over 40ish hands (not a huge sample) and had an AF of 16.0. However this player had yet to 3-bet. Didn't see any significant showdowns from this player, nearly all pots were taken down before it got to that stage with this player.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre-flop it's folded to me on the button, with a reasonable hand and two loose villains in the blinds. I decide to steal I think if I get 3-bet I can comfortably fold and I am often getting called by worse hands. I flop trips and when checked to make a standard 2/3 pot bet to extract value, I could make it a little larger as they are 2 players to act behind but the board is pretty bad for weaker hands and thus I want to entice a call. Could I check behind as the board is pretty dry or is it better to build the pot now? One caller and then the aggro donk raises. At this point I feel I can either re-raise or call. I decided to call for a few reasons: 1) By calling I am laying the villain in the SB over 4 to 1 meaning he may be enticed to call with weaker hands that will most likely fold if I re-raise. 2) If I were to re-raise then I don't allow the BB another chance to fire his bluffs. 3) Lastly if i re-raise and get shoved on it leaves me in a pretty gross spot which I would rather avoid. After I call the SB folds. The turn comes a pretty big blank in the form of the 8h and the BB leads really small for 10c. At this point I think he is likely bluffing although he could have a big pair that is a bit worried. I didn't just want to flat this bet as it didn't build the pot and if he does have a big pair he may be pretty reluctant to lay it down. I therefore decided to raise it up to 74c for value. Should I have raised more on the turn to set up a big size river bet if he does call, or does a bigger bet decrease the likelyhood of worse hands calling? The 7d on the river changes pretty much nothing unless he has 77 (which would be hard for him to have at this point). He now leads for under half pot making it 90c. At this point I was a bit unsure what to do, it seemed like he was bluffing (or perhaps betting a worse queen) however if I shove am I getting called by any worse hands? Should I just call in case he's played KQ or AQ oddly, or do I miss out on value from worse queens by doing so? Or is my ranging completely off and does he have me beat most of the time in which case I should fold? Thanks for any help. Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver

    You should never fold on the river. We have played our hand this way because it is strong enough to win at showdown in an inflated pot. We've inflated the pot, so now let's win at showdown !

    Preflop is more than ok. This hand is very strong against the two opponents described.

    I like just calling the flop. As you said it entices the third player to continue with hands that have very little to no equity against our hand. This could inflate the pot as well and make worse hands feel committed. We also narrow the check-raiser's range by raising him on the flop, this means he might give up with all his bluffs and continue with only strong hands.

    On the turn I think your play is fine. Like you said 10c is just not enough to go into the pot for us. If he is going to bluff microscopic sizes the rest of the hands then we shouldn't be too worried about folding his bluffs and instead should now look to get value from his made hands.

    On the river I would actually just call. There is a wide gap between you beating a lot of hands that he bets and him calling with a range that we are a favourite against, should you raise. In other words, we could be a 90% favourite here against his betting range and it could still be a call, since we could be a 45% dog versus his range that continues should we shove/raise.

    We don't really know much about his range. He could definitely play QJ/KQ and full houses this way. He could definitely play 99 and AJ this way. We'll find out with a call but let's make sure that doesn't colour our evaluation too much




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