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2nl AsTs on the BTN - A high club monotone flop.

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  • 2nl AsTs on the BTN - A high club monotone flop.

    This table was a bit of a goldmine as all of my opponents at this table are people I would describe as fish. The 2 limpers pre flop are both pretty loose passive. The main villain skorpion623 is also loose passive he is playing 31/12/0 with an A.F of 2.0 however this is over a very small smaple size (only 28 hands). He has shown down some weak weak holdings including J9o on a x9xKQ board, in this particular hand he called nearly a pot sized bet on the river after min betting the flop and getting called and both players checking the turn.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I raise pre to try and isolate in position on the limpers, I get called by the BB and both limpers fold. The flop comes down A high monotone clubs and the BB checks to me. I think this is a pretty straight forward bet to extract value and charge him to draw if he holds a club and also extract value from worse aces or other pairs. He calls. The turn is the 8d, although this doesn't really change anything I'm not sure if I should bet here. If I bet a standard amount (around 40c) and he calls the pot grows to $1.37. If a bad river card comes off that isn't a club he could shove for less the a PSB putting me in a pretty gross, if the club comes I can obviously fold but if it's like an offsuit 5 I'm pretty unsure what to do. However checking behind gives him infinite odds to draw out on me and I lose so much value in the long run. On the other hand if a blank falls and I have checked behind the turn I can often get value on the river from worse hands. I decided to check behind as I wasn't playing my A game and didnt want to grow the pot too large and then face tough river decision. Should I have played the turn differently? The 5c then falls on the river this is a pretty bad card as every draw in the world gets there, however he then check to me. I have pretty good showdown value here so should I check behind or am I missing out on value from weaker aces and other pairs? Thanks for any advice. Oliver umbup:
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    Standard raise pre, looks good. I also like the flop bet for value.

    Given that this opponent is loose-passive mostly, and definitely calls too light, I would go ahead and bet the turn as well. You're still getting value from club draws and worse pairs. Versus this type of villain I actually think the optimal line is to bet/fold the turn. Passive players don't check-raise the turn on a draw, they call. He won't check-raise with worse 1 pair hands. I expect his turn check-raising range to be 2 pair+, so we can comfortably bet for value and fold to a raise. Most of the time he'll simply be folding or calling with worse hands on the turn though.

    Part of the benefits of checking back to pot control is that we get our hand to showdown without a stack decision (as you said, not wanting to face a difficult river decision), and we induce bluffs. That's not a line I would take here because:

    1) We lose too much value giving him a free turn card when he will call with so many worse hands
    2) passive players aren't inclined to bluff, so they're not good targets for inducing.
    3) If the guy takes a strong aggressive action (check-raising the turn, or bombing a scary river card) we can feel pretty confident our hand is no good and just fold without too much sweat.

    As played, I would definitely check down this river. I think value betting now is too thin personally, he likes to call loose but with 4 clubs on the board it's hard to see getting called by too many worse hands. We are basically hoping he's willing to call with just a naked ace. Aces that we beat are A9, A7, A6 without a club. A2/3/4/5/8 all beat us, any random deuce, and any club. Check it down looks good to me here.

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