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5NL Zoom KK

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  • 5NL Zoom KK

    I didn't want to fold out in miss over cards if I became aggressive. Was this the correct line to take ?

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    Hey Animosa

    I think this is an interesting idea for a line to take postflop on the flop and the turn, assuming you know the players in the pot with you are aggressive. If they are aggressive then you know they will bet worse made hands than yours like 88 on the flop, but also they will bluff with QJ type hands on both streets.

    However on the river I think we can make a better decision by thinking about hand categories

    a) Showdown hands -- these are hands with showdown value like 77 or JJ. Would these hands typically bet this river? I don't think so -- not much worse is going to call them.

    b) Missed draws -- these are hands like QJ or spade draws. Would these typically fire a third bullet all in? I would think often they would give up or take a free card on an earlier street. We have to consider the possibility of them doing one of those two things decreases the chances they are around on the river. What about missed draws like AXss or AK/AQ/AJ? Those hands actually became showdown hands or even c) Value hands (as we will see) and we expect those to bet the river... and they beat us!

    c) Value hands. These are hands like AK, TX, and 22/99. These are hands that think they can be called by worse on the river should they bet. So they are definitely shoving.

    It seems to me that hands a and b don't bet the river very often, while hands c always do. So I would fold the KK on this river for that reason unless you had a really strong tell on your opponents tendencies.

    Postflop I would also consider betting KK on the flop to get value from worse hands and draws, though like I said, your flop line is not the worst idea. I would prefer to take the risk of checking if the pot were heads up though, as opposed to 3-way. I think there is more value in betting 3 way.

    Hope this helps




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