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5L 3rd Nut flush got raised on river

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  • 5L 3rd Nut flush got raised on river

    Since my opponents called with 87s it is safe to say his calling range is wide and I should raise more to say 20c on the button versus this opponent ? And I guess I could really do is call on the river ?

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    I think this is a easy Shove tbh, The guy check calls twice, you can put him on KQ, maybe KJ is he is defending light or other kings for that matter. On the turn the straight got their, but i wouldn't be worried too much as it does not fall in his range much. Once he min raises you on river, its looks like a two pair like K9 or another weird two pair or a small set. Overall vs his range and the line he took, i say your crushing him like 90% unless he slow played a monster. I would be shoving like PHIL HELMUTH when he throws his chips in the middle at the speed of light:tongueat is so funny when he does that and he actually got trapped. So yeah, I would be shoving for MAX value, if he played a monster this way, he totally misplayed his hand and only got min value, he should be check raising bit if he made a bigger flush on turn.


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      I think you played it just fine. I wouldn't shove the river because even if you put him on 2 pair, I dont think he's gonna call a shove. I wouldn't raise bigger pre-flop. If they want to play a pot OOP without the initiative with a marginal hand, than that's fine by me.


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        Hi animo,

        Like the pre sizing, you actually want to encourage him to play a lot of those weak hands from OOP against you.

        River is very close between calling or folding I think since the line villain takes is such a strong one expecially for microstakes levels. I would tend to call the minraise off on the river for those odds since you are beating at least some smaller flushes - but I'd expect to be beat here fairly often since highcard flushdraw combos tend to get played pre a lot more often than smaller ones. Some people even only call the river with small flushes when they get scared of higher ones due to your strong betting line.
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