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5NL 6-max Zoom. Calling on btn nice turn semi-bluff?

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom. Calling on btn nice turn semi-bluff?

    Hi, I thought about raising on the button but is it ok to flat? Obviously I'd face a c-bet and feel obliged to call which I did. But the villain sort of gives up in a 3 way pot. So was this was a nice semi-bluff spot on a turn card that scares the life out of me? Got the result I wanted. But how would I play this if I get called and no diamond or just hitting 2 pair on the river? >>Boom Hand<< umbup:

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    Hi Forrest

    I think flat calling is by far the best play here. Let's review: If we reraise preflop we shut out the blinds. Our hand plays well in position and multiway, so that's not something we necessarily want to do. If we reraise we also get the initial raiser to fold dominated hands like KJ and QJ, while continuing with dominating hands like AK and AQ that could make things very tough for us.

    Your turn bet is great. We will probably hear from one of them if they have a 9 or a full house

    The times the player in the blinds call the turn bet I would always be giving up with our hand on the river. Why?

    1) We should not try to fold out better hands like a pair of aces or trip nines. We shouldn't expect him to have too many weaker hands like pocket tens or a pair of eights. We expect to fold those hands with our turn bet.

    2) If we check it down we actually beat every other draw on this turn. So if he check-calls out of position on the turn we can win on a blank versus a) every other flush draw b) straight draws like JT, QT, QJ, 67.

    Hope that all makes some sense



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      Thanks Gareth,

      Yes it was all perfectly clear. I need to improve my thinking on what combinations of cards I don't want to fold out. Also realizing that I'm not in too bad shape against draws if the hand had continued.



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