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5NL Zoom - dealing with utg o'limpers

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  • 5NL Zoom - dealing with utg o'limpers

    In one of the frosty012 live training sessions I was amazed he went with 99 and was quite happy being against AK. This was at very high cash stakes. But down in the 5NL cash world is this normal? In one way I can justify my actions dealing with utg o'limpics. But this is not profitable in the long term, is it? OK here is the other side of the argument It looks like a btn steal but 2nd best draw - 5NL Zoom Dealing with sb 90bb shove Bingo and I lose Boom
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    Hi ForrestFive

    It sounds like you are thinking well about this spot. Sure it turned out very well this time but can you do it with 99 every time? Well that is a tougher question.

    I think some things can help you decide in spots like this. One is the note function for PokerStars. After you see this particular player turn up with a weak hand it will be worth noting for next time. Similarly if you see a player make this play and turn up with a very strong hand, you will be better equipped moving forward as well.

    Another thing you can do to try to get a read on players in this spot is check the lobby for how many tables they are playing. I know at 5nl zoom the lobby has quite a lot of names! But if the person is playing 4 tables I would be more likely to fold 99 here assuming that often he is trying to trick us into calling off light preflop. Someone playing 1 table I would say, is more capable of doing some wild things.

    Overall though we can see we aren't getting a good price. Our opponent has moved all-in for an entire stack without that much dead money in the middle. So we need a good amount of equity against the range of hands he is doing this with, and often 99 will probably fall short. If he has hands like A8o and 47s in his range though... 99 is probably doing just fine even if there are also sometimes stronger hands like AK or QQ. In general I would turn down the price, its just not good enough, but with the help of notes and being observant, we can often make the big call!



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      Thanks Gareth, Yes I do use labels and notes. In cash Orange for limp and Red for open raise. For limps if possible I take a note of what they limp with. So in these two examples something like: limp utg 74s 3b shove 3b shove sb A8o Good tip to look in the lobby to see how many tables played - experienced players will probably multiple table. In these situations I just think what is the villain doing? A better hand would raise for value not 3b shove so am I good against a Muppet? So "Get your money in good." Yes both times and won one lost one. Probably not good at high stakes though I doubt much limp/call limp/3b goes on there. Look forward to your 6-max live training sessions and welcome to PokerSchoolOnline. umbup:



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