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River decision w/ TT

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  • River decision w/ TT

    hi everyone, This hand was my twelfth at this table with this Villain, and my twelfth ever versus him. Villain had been involved in 5 of the previous 11 hands, winning 4 of them. I remember thinking he was aggressive but also that he was making hands given the action in these hands. The only showdown I saw the Villain go to involved the Villain 4x'ing it utg(77bb) w/ QTo and getting only one very shortstacked caller in the sb(17bb). On 5s8d9h9dJc Villain cbets in position 5bb into 9bb on the FLOP and gets called, on the Turn Villain puts sb shortstacker ai. I felt this Villain paired a Jack on the river and so I folded, but I think I misplayed this hand, especially the turn. Do you think this fold is a good one given this Villain's range?
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    Hi rule,

    I think your play on the turn is ok, given that you're likely way ahead/way behind. What I don't like so much is checking the flop... as the preflop 3-bettor he's expecting you to bet, and with a wet paired board I think we stand a reasonable chance to get some action from this guy. If he's got nothing he'll just fold, but he's not folding a Q (obviously), any draw, the case ten, or other pairs and will likely peel with AK and AJ at least. Plus this is the kind of board that players might bluff or semi-bluff at so I prefer to bet and give him a chance to put more money in, hopefully by check-raising me. He seems loose aggressive over the small sample you have so give him a chance to aggress.

    The river I would call, simply because of the line you took. You check back the flop, call the smallish turn bet, from an aggro guy you're basically inducing him to bluff you. Plus he can still beat AK if he's got something like pocket 6's. I agree that a jack is part of his range of course, but taking this line vs. an aggro guy there should be enough bluffs to make calling profitable imo.

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      Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
      He seems loose aggressive over the small sample you have so give him a chance to aggress.
      thx, i think ur right that the best way to get him to aggressumbup: would be to put in that bet on the flop. i folded and didn't like it. I should have called for the information at least.



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