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4 bet folding on a 100bb stack

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  • 4 bet folding on a 100bb stack

    I have been playing a lot of full ring 25nl lately and have encountered a few players who 3 bet light in position if they think you are stealing. I have started 4 betting these players light, and have had fairly good results so far. However, There have been a couple times where I get 5 bet and I am not sure how to proceed.

    My question is this: Is it ever ok to 4 bet and then fold on a 100bb stack? Say I raise to .75 from the cutoff with A9s and villain on the button makes it 2.25. I know he likes to 3 bet light so I 4 bet to 6.25. Then Villain shoves in his entire 25.00 stack. I have already put over 20% of my stack in the middle, but I feel like these players are not capable of 5 bet bluffing in this spot. How should I proceed?

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    If you don't think they're ever bluffing, I'd fold because at best you're a 2 to 1 dog, so you need 2 to 1 odds to call. You're need to call 75 BBs more to win a total of 125 (1,5 to 1). I recommend you make your 4bets a bit smaller (5$ or so) because they are still going to fold their bluffs and shove their premiums.

    Hope this helps


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      Hi, With A9s you're worse than a 2-1 dog vs. a 100% value range, and I agree that until you see differently from an opponent at 25nl, they are not 5b jamming light. I agree with Tom's advice as well, structure your bet sizing a bit smaller, there's no need to 3x/25x over his 9x preflop. If you start with 3x and he 3b's to 9x, you could 4b to 19x-20x (4.75-5) would be plenty either for value or when bluffing. You might also consider experimenting with opening less than 3x initially. For instance I like to min-raise the button frequently in cash games when first in the pot... it gives me a better price on my steals and cuts my losses when I am stealing and have to fold to a 3b. And it encourages loose players to call from the blinds because of the "pot odds"...if people want to take some weak hand and play a raised pot out of position against me, I'm happy to accommodate them. Good topic for discussion. umbup: Dave
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