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25NL zoom, should i have gotten value earlier?

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  • 25NL zoom, should i have gotten value earlier?

    This was a zoom game, so at the time i had no stats or reads, but afte the hand i looked him up in my HUD and these are his stats after 145 hands: VPIP/PFR/AF/BTN steal 18 / 13 /9,0 / 38 On the flop i thought he was mostly bluffing so i didnt want him to fold his missed hands. I don't know why i didn't check-rarise the turn because it would look pretty bluffy (What 3 would i play that i didn't check-raise the flop with), but i assume i thought he might double barrel bluff a lot to make me fold small pocket pairs like 66 that just peeled one of. On the river i thought he was only gonna call me with 9x and check back an ace. If he had a 9 he was definetly calling a shove because he is almost never beat here. He hit the tank and eventually called me with AK . So i had a nice result but i don't think i played it correctly. Should i have check-raised the flop or the turn. Or maybe lead out on the turn? And how big should i make mmy bet/raise?

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    Hey MagicianTom,

    Readless, I think I would like a checkraise on the flop to like about $5.45-$5.62, the sizing because of his cbet size, because of your stacksize and also because of your stacksize relative to his as a potential bluff. With your flatcall in the blinds preflop you could have many Ax type hands that are worse than AK that are not 2pair, and you are crushing all his twopair type hands that might rr you. The better sets are coolers and if you fold out his bluffs well you may not have gotten anything more from him anyways.

    Had you checkraised the flop, then when the board pairs the 3 on the turn (giving you quads) he may well have felt more comfortable continuing w/ AK to showdown in the face of further bets and/or raises from you on the turn and river than if you had checkcalled the flop and then checkkraised or led on the turn. The turn 3 isn't very scary for any hand that was beating you on the flop, so a flop checkraise would facilitate getting stacks in by the river.

    Had you known during the hand the stats you gave, if I'm reading them right, I think a flop checkraise (dependent on your history together which you may have remembered without your notes) definitely would be in order.

    btw, I don't mind the line you took in this hand
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      Thanks for the response, I didn't have any notes on him and in a zoom game i don't think he is paying attention to history a lot.

      When i reviewed this hand i also thought a check-raise on the flop, or maybe the turn would have been better


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        Hi Tom,

        Check-raising the flop on this dry board is going to look super strong, if you do that I would click it back in hopes of making it look like a bluff repping the ace. I think I would wait until the turn more often in a spot like this to give him a chance to double barrel you with his air.

        Another line that works well here imo is to check-call/bet. Check/calling the flop and leading the turn is a line that opponents aren't used to seeing, and they often won't believe it, so you may get called by hands worse than an ace and raised as a bluff sometimes too.

        As played I kind of like the river shove. You don't have to concern yourself with the cases where he has a 9 (he's stacking off for sure) or no ace or 9 (he's folding to any action), so you want to try and structure the bet to get value from an ace. Although the overbet is more than the size of the pot, it looks hard to believe, so an ace might feel like it should call, especially if it's a big ace and thinks you might be making a move with a weak ace.

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          Thanks Dave, it worked

          he mucked AA
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            Thanks Dave, it worked


            He mucked AA



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