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Checking to induce

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  • Checking to induce

    Hey everybody, This hand was my 1st at the table, although I had observed the prior 9hands, some while on the wait list waiting to be seated, and some while seated waiting to post my Big Blind... Information I had on this Villain: -Villain had played all previous 9hands -Villain limp called a lot preflop, I hadn't seen him limpraise -Villain had shown down J6o, 82o, T6o -J6o, Villain limps in the HJ, the sb completes, and the BB checks his option. On 4c8h6s6d, FLOP- Villain calls in position from the HJ the sb's overbet lead of twice pot, TURN- Villain raises to 20bb the sb's turn lead of 10bb into a 15bb pot, Villain then calls the sb's 3bet ai to 45.8bb---sb loses w/ 99. - T6o, Villain calls a bttn 3x from the BB. On As3cQcTh, FLOP- Villain checkcalls, TURN- Villain leads small for 4bb into 14.4bb, calling oop bttn's raise to 14bb, RIVER- Check check. Bttn shows AKo and wins - Villain had played an OESD passively, chk calling. Out of position, on this board versus this Villain type, are you checking the turn to induce? Should I always call this Villain's ai overbet shove after I have checked the turn to him?
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    Against this loose passive player i probably wouldn't checkto induce, because he's calling you so lightly, and might check back a hand like 44. I'd pobably overbet the turn and river to try and get stacks in.

    He had J8 i assume?


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      nah, but he did have 2pair.


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        Given how loose this guy is, I tend to agree, just take a bet/bet/bet line and structure the betting large... seems like you can slightly overbet each street and get away with it. Definitely call his overbet jam after checking the turn to him. If he's got JT or sucks out on the river, God bless him. umbup: Dave
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          I like checking the turn to this player because the J is likely to have hit his limping range, improving his hand somehow. I was looking to checkraise him, but then he went ahead and put all his chips in for me. OC I snapcalled. He showed J5...close w/ J8 there MagicianTom.

          I had seen him chkcll flop and lead smallish on the turn oop w/ T6o on As3cQcTh, calling when his weak looking turn lead was raised. He wasn't afraid to take a card off hoping to hit something, and when he did hit I saw that he didn't really release easily.



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