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Flop raise on a dry board.

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  • Flop raise on a dry board.

    Hi everyone, I had been at table with Villain for roughly 12 hands or so, during which Villain had seen me raise a shortstacking limper pre, then call down and lose with QQ, in position, for the whole shortstacker's stack of 27bb on K high board. Then Villain again saw me raise, with position, the shortstacker's preflop limp, then Villain saw me raise him ai for 17bb or so w/ AKo on a 458 flop after he donk led into me for a bit over half pot, only to be shown his flopped nuts I decided, in position, to raise this Villain's flop cbet, after having just called his preflop 3bet. I thought it likely that he thought I could be tilting after doubling up a shortstacker twice when I held strong cards. After he called my flop raise I thought it likely that he had an overpair, but probably not AA or KK. For what reasons should I be raising this flop? How are my bet sizings?
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    The only thing i'd do different is raise the flop to 1.75 to make it look a bit mor like a sem-bluff. The turn you bet big, which I like because you make it look like you don't want a call. The river play was rather obvious.


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      Hi rule,

      I think your play is fine, although set mining here can be marginal, you probably do look tilty so can expect to get maybe more action than normal when you hit the 2.

      Flop raise is good for sure, you rate to get action since you look tilted, and he just saw you do this with AK high vs. the short stacker. And you want to build the pot to set up stacks by the river. Slow playing would not be as good imo because it will look so much stronger and less like tilt if you raise later in the hand, a 3rd flush card may slow him down, and he can always go to check/call mode with overpairs which makes it harder to get stacks in.

      I don't mind raising a bit more like tom suggested, but I think your sizing is fine. Turn and river look good as well.

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