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25NL 6-max zoom. Hero call the river or not?

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom. Hero call the river or not?

    Hey all, this is a zoom game so no reads on the opponent, other than that he was on 3 zoom tables of 25NL. Timing tell: I made a snap call on the flop. Okay, first of all, i know my pre-flop call was bad. I figuered my percieved range was small pocket pairs and thought he was trying to get me to fold those. Anyway, if the villian bet the river, should i still stick to my read that he was bluffing? Or should i only call a big bet or fold to any bet? btw, he had 67 of diamonds

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    Hey Tom,

    Actually this is a spot where a decent player is probably 3-betting you light a lot, considering that you are raising from the SB. No reads but if he's 3-tabling 25nl zoom he's probably not a total fish. Given that, this is a nice spot to balance your 4-betting range with a light 4-bet. You catch him light a lot and he'll just fold, you have an ace blocker and A8s has some value if he flats (he probably won't flat much), and the hand is much easier to play this way than calling the 3b and trying to play out of position without the initiative. So 4b/fold to a 5b (if he's capable of 5-betting light, God bless him).

    As played if he bets the river, fold imo. Your hand looks like you're not folding and 3 barrel bluffing isn't a tool in everyone's tool belt anyway, so I think I'd give him credit there.

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      Thanks for the response, I'll 4bet/fold next time (unless maybe I get AA). Any tips on 4bet sizing? I know it shouldn't be too big in a 100BB game, ut he made a pretty small 3bet. I normally make my 4bets around 22BB, but since his 3bet is only 6BBs this seems like an overbet.
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